La Ultima Cruzada: Paperback and eBook editions … are now available

As I intimated in a recent blog entry, over recent weeks I have been thinking about releasing both paperback and eBook editions of LA ULTIMA CRUZADA.

The work required to do this took somewhat more time and effort than I had expected, but that task is now over and both editions are now available. They can currently be purchased from for £14.99 (paperback) and £4.99 (eBook), but should be available from Amazon etc., within the next fortnight or so.

My latest book sales figures have just sent me my latest book sales figures, and they look like this:

It is interesting to see that most of my books continue to sell reasonably well, with both THE PORTABLE WARGAME and DEVELOPING THE PORTABLE WARGAME being far and away the best sellers. The eBook edition of the former outsells the paperback edition, whereas the opposite is true of the latter, and sales of the hardback editions of both have stagnated. As I expected, LA ULTIMA CRUZADA is selling better in its hardback edition than the eBook and paperback editions because it is aimed at readers who will want a reference book they can use for the foreseeable future, and the latest addition to my catalogue – THE MADASAHATTA CAMPAIGN – has attracted a small number of purchasers even though the book is only available as a hardback.

Kicking in the door: An Operation Barbarossa Campaign System by Andrew Rolph

A few days ago Andrew Rolph – a wargamer who has written numerous very interesting articles that have been published in MINIATURE WARGAMES – sent me a link so that I could download a PDF copy of his latest book, BARBAROSSA: KICKING IN THE DOOR … .

The book explains how to fight a wargames campaign that covers Operation Barbarossa (the German invasion of the Soviet Union) from June until September 1941. It is designed to work with rules in which a stand represents a platoon, but it seems to me that the basic system will work with most rules that cover World War II, including my own PORTABLE WARGAME rules.

The campaign map uses point-to-point movement, with each node on the map generating a potential battle between the Axis forces and the Russians.

The book contains:

  • A short history of the campaign (this has also been published in Andrew Rolph’s earlier book GREY STEEL, RED STORM – REGIMENTAL SCENARIOS IN THE SOVIET UNION 1941-1943);
  • Background information (including time scale, ground scale, and suggestions for additional/optional rules) that will help wargamers adapt the system so that it will work with a particular set of rules;
  • A system for generating tabletop terrain for individual battles;
  • Numerous Appendices that cover:
    • Platoon and Company-level Tables of Organisation and Equipment for the divisions and regiments involved in the campaign;
    • Forty-two coloured terrain squares that can be used with the tabletop terrain generation system;
    • An example of how the tabletop terrain generation system works;
    • A Campaign Quick Reference Sheet;
    • An example of a Campaign Turn;
    • A set of suitable quick-play rules for use with the campaign system;
    • A full colour A4-sized Campaign Map.

Andrew sent the link to me because he knows that I have had plans to re-fight Operation Barbarossa for a very long time, and having read it, I can see the potential his campaign system has in helping me achieve my ambition.

BARBAROSSA: KICKING IN THE DOOR … is written and published by Andrew Rolph. It is available from the Wargames Vault as a watermarked PDF ($4.95) or as a softback book with coloured illustrations ($9.95) or as a combined purchase of PDF and book (usually $14.90 but currently on sale at the discounted price $9.95).

Miniature Wargames Issue 423

The latest issue of Miniature Wargames arrived in the post on Wednesday, and I have managed to read it during breaks during my downsizing project.

The articles included in this issue are:

  • Welcome (i.e. the editorial) by John Treadaway
  • Forward observer
  • Send three and fourpence: The Right Tool For The Job (or how I learned to stop worrying and love Sharp Practice) by Conrad Kinch
  • Tales of the Towpath: How to make a canal of wharf by Dave Tuck and Malc Johnston, with photographs by Malc Johnston
  • Spotsylvania County: Virginia, May 1st 1863 by Jon Sutherland, with photographs by Diane Sutherland
  • Show Preview: The Joy of Six by Peter Berry and John Treadaway
  • Hooray for Hollywood: Cinematic scenario design by Nick Hughes, with photographs by John Treadaway
  • Darker Horizons
    • Fantasy Facts
    • Under the brush: The very best of the SALUTE 2018 painting competition photographs by Roger Dixon
    • Scouting Parties: A preview of Vanguard by Manic Games by James Dyson, with photographs by Manic Games
    • Preaching to the Unconverted: How to convert North Star‘s plastic Dwarven infantry by Graham Green
  • Light Division: Tactical Napoleonics for Players with a Small Board by Robert Piepenbrink, with photographs by Michael Hamon
  • It’s On The Cards: Card-driven activation for army-level Portable Wargames by Arthur Harman
  • Recce
  • Grow your own terrain: The continuing tales of a wargames widow by Diane Sutherland
  • Show Report: Hammerhead 2018s: A moveable feast by John Treadaway
  • Club Directory

So what did I particularly enjoy in this issue?

The stand-out article for me this month was Arthur Harman’s It’s On The Cards … and not just because it contains a card-driven activation system for army-level battles using my PORTABLE WARGAME rules. Arthur has taken my simple system and developed it into something that is far more sophisticated but not a great deal more complex. Furthermore, it can be used with other rules, which makes it even more flexible.

Of the rest … I found Robert Piepenbrink’s Light Division interesting because it is aimed at wargamers who – like me – do not have a lot of space, and Conrad Kinch’s Send three and fourpence was – as usual – good value.

All-in-all, this was another good issue that was in my opinion well worth its cover price.

Nugget 309

I collected the latest edition of THE NUGGET (N309) from the printer yesterday, and I will be posting it out to members of Wargame Developments later today.

I have already uploaded the PDF version of THE NUGGET to the Wargame Developments website so that it can be read online or downloaded and printed.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is the ninth and last issue of THE NUGGET to be published for the 2017-2018 subscription year.

Details regarding re-subscriptions to Wargame Developments and THE NUGGET will be sent by post in due course.

Nugget 309

The editor of THE NUGGET sent the latest issue to me on Wednesday, and I hope to take it to the printer tomorrow. It should, therefore, be ready for me to collect by the middle of next week so that I can post it out before the following weekend.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is the ninth and last issue of THE NUGGET to be published for the 2017-2018 subscription year.

Details regarding re-subscriptions to Wargame Developments and THE NUGGET will be sent by post in due course.

The Madasahatta Campaign book … has been published!

THE MADASAHATTA CAMPAIGN has been published and is now available for purchase from

The book should be on sale from other online booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble within a matter of weeks.

THE MADASAHATTA CAMPAIGN was originally devised and written by Eric Knowles and has been edited (with additions) by Bob Cordery. It is published in hardback by Eglinton Books and costs £14.99 (ISBN 978 0 244 38509 5).