Progress with my painted Heroscape hexed terrain

In the midst of everything else I have been doing of late, I have still been making slow but steady progress with painting some of my Heroscape hexed terrain.

First and foremost, I have glued together eight of the 24-hex terrain pieces and painted them with Humbrol Matt Light Earth (No.119) enamel paint. This has created a 12 x 16 baseboard (with a total of 192 hexes) onto which I will place the green and/or sand-coloured Heroscape hexes that will form my terrain.

So why bother to paint the baseboard … and why choose that colour?

I chose to paint the baseboard so that I could use it ‘as is’ if I wanted to, but the main reason was that by a bit of careful placing, I could create trenches that were actually below the level of the rest of the terrain.

A number of Essex Miniatures 15mm US Infantry in a Heroscape trench.

As to the choice of colour … well it seemed to be the best choice for a neutral colour that would go with both the green and sand-coloured terrain that I had painted.

Messing about with my Heroscape terrain

During a break from writing, I decided to try placing some of my Heroscape terrain on to my newly constructed 192-hex terrain board. The first thing I found was that the Heroscape tiles clipped together somewhat easier when laid onto the terrain board than when used without it. I suppose this is because the terrain board guides them into place, thus making the process easier.

The second thing was that hills are easier to model with Heroscape than they are with Hexon II. They may end up looking like ‘old school’ stepped hills, but the figures don’t slide off them and they can be made to be more rugged, with lots of different levels being possible.

The end result of my ‘messing around’ can be seen below:

The ship models are ones that I built some time ago, the buildings were bought during a visit to Corfu, and the trees are ones bought from a model railway shop and subsequently based by me. I used water hexes for the sea, green hexes for most of the terrain, with sand hexes for the beach and some poor going inland, and grey hexes for the centre of the town and the roads.

I was rather pleased with the end result, and it has convinced me that I ought to make better use of my extensive collection of Heroscape terrain.