The latest draft of my Interbellum rules is now available

After a few struggles and diversions along the way, I have finally managed to complete the latest draft of my INTERBELLUM rules, and they are available in PDF format as a download from my Interbellum website.

Please note that the rules are password protected; the password is ‘interbellum’.

The rules do incorporate some ideas from my previous rules, WHEN EMPIRES CLASH!. In particular there are now rules for the use of Transport Units as well as a whole new section at the end that sets out rules for the use of aircraft over the battlefield. The rules have yet to be play-tested (or even properly proof read!), but I set myself the goal of finishing the draft today … and managed it!

The melding of When Empires Clash! and my Interbellum Rules – Some progress has been made … at last!

I actually managed to spend over an hour this evening working on redrafting my INTERBELLUM rules so that they incorporate some of the elements of WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! The main body of the rules has now been finished, and I am working on an appendix that will contain the rules that relate to the use of aircraft.

When Empires Clash! – Some progress has been made!

Despite all the recent ‘alarums and excursions’, I finally managed to spend an hour this evening working on the latest redraft of my Morschauser-inspired INTERBELLUM rules.

They still have some way to go as yet, but at least some further progress has been made. I had hoped to get the redraft completed by now but there is a distinct possibility that I will manage to complete it by Saturday evening. As soon as the redraft is ready I will make it available in PDF format via my Interbellum website.

When Empires Clash! – A set of rules revisited … again

I have begun the process of melding together what I consider to be the best bits of the current INTERBELLUM version of Joseph Morschauser’s ‘Modern’ rules and WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! The intention is to develop a set of rules that includes more types of unit without losing the essential simplicity of Morschauser’s rules.

The first thing that I have done is to define what a ‘Unit’ is in the new rules; it is going to be a company or equivalent-sized military unit.

Secondly I have included Transport Units, including Motor Transport Units. This will enable commanders to move their Infantry and Artillery Units along any roads that at a greater speed than in the previous version of the rules. There will be a ‘cost’ to anyone who does this, but the interwar period was one where the use of motor vehicles to move units up to the front line was growing, and I think that the rules need to allow commanders the option to use motorised transport.

I am also looking at the possibility of including Fighter, Light Bomber, and Reconnaissance aircraft in the new rules. Aircraft played an increasingly important role during the interwar period, and I think that the new rules should include them if possible.

When Empires Clash! – A set of rules revisited

I am not the tidiest of people, and over time I tend to ‘acquire’ quite a lot of ‘clutter’ in and around my work area in our home office. As a result, several times each year I have to have a bit of a sort out, and last night was one of those occasions.

Amongst all the odd bits of paper, magazines, books etc., I found a display folder that contained a complete manuscript of the last version of WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! Having many better things to do … and a desire to avoid doing them … I re-read these rules … and I was surprised to see how much about them I had forgotten.

What also surprised me was the fact that some of the things that I have been thinking about including in my latest version of Joseph Morschauser’s rules were already in WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! … and worked. Now I cannot lift whole sections from one set of rules into the other but … there is certainly room for some melding of the two sets of rules.

All this will give me something to think about on my drive to and from work, so you never know what might happen as a result of this serendipitous find.

Thinking about COW

The Wargame Developments annual Conference of Wargamers (COW) will be taking place in early July and I have volunteered to run a session. I had originally decided to cover the development of WHEN EMPIRES CLASH!, and then to follow that with a couple of short games that would give the attendees a flavour of the rules. The problem is that I have actually done no development of the rules since before Christmas.

I could take the easy way out and to do what I originally planned … but my thinking has moved on since then as a result of the work I have been doing to develop my own versions of Joseph Morschauser’s rules.

I have therefore asked myself the question ‘What should I do?’

At the moment I think that I will:

  • Start with a short presentation about Joseph Morschauser and his rules (including some references to the earlier work done by his mentor, Gerard de Gre).
  • Have a series of small games set up that use some of Morschauser’s rules so that attendees can try them out or
  • Have several small games set up that would enable attendees to try out my variants/developments of Morschauser’s rules.

I am not quite sure which of the latter options I will choose, although I could do both. The decision that I make will depend upon how much time, effort, and money I will need to expend to prepare for the session.

Watch this space for further developments!

Modified Morschauser ‘19th Century’ Wargames Rules

The latest draft of these rules is now available in PDF format from the RED HEX WARGAMES website.

This draft includes rules that allow Commanders to be represented on the battlefield, and are a development of ideas that were included in WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! and Joseph Morschauser’s HOW TO PLAY WAR GAMES IN MINIATURE.