I’ve always wanted a copy … so when I saw one, I had to buy it!

Sometimes books are published that just as well might have ‘BUY ME!’ in big letter on them … and sometimes we don’t, and regret it for ever afterwards.

BRITISH TANKS AND FIGHTING VEHICLES 1914-1945 (by B.T.White) is one of those books. When it was published by Ian Allan in 1970 I saw it on sale in a local bookshop and almost bought a copy … but for some reason that I cannot now remember, I didn’t. I did borrow it a couple of times from the library, and enjoyed reading it. I also regretted not buying a copy when I could, especially as I was about to become a student and was – like all students – perennially short of funds from then on.

Even when I had finished college my financial situation did not improve much. My pay as a teacher was not very good for the first few years of my career, and by the time I had enough money to begin indulging my book buying bug, the book was no longer available.

During one of my periodic visits to the nearby Falconwood Transport and Military Bookshop (5 Falconwood Parade, The Green, Welling, Kent, DA16 2PL) I happened to see that they had a near-pristine copy of the book on sale … so I bought it!

The book is as good as I remember it being and – more importantly – it fills a gap in my collection of Ian Allan military books.

8 Comments on “I’ve always wanted a copy … so when I saw one, I had to buy it!”

  1. Edwin King says:

    Congratulations. It's a great feeling to get your hands on a book you've always regretted not buying.

  2. Edwin King,

    I am really pleased that I bought it … and have enjoyed reading it.

    All the best,


  3. Martin says:

    There is a great sense of satisfaction when a glaring hole in the ol' book collection is filled in, and a long desired volume is added to the personal library. (Just ignore the creaking sound coming from the bookshelves…they've been reinforced and are sitting on a concrete floor, so they should be able to handle the load.)

  4. Fitz-Badger says:

    Ah, bibliophiles. 🙂
    That's cool that you found that and were finally able to add it to your library. There's something so satisfying about having that analog book in hand, especially one of the ones that “got away”.

  5. Martin,

    I agee entirely … although my bookshelves rest on a floor that is supported by a rolled steel joist.

    All the best,


  6. Fitz-Badger,

    It was immensely satisfying to add the book to my bookshelves.

    All the best,


  7. Steven Page says:

    Seeing this reminded me of seeing one in Combat Hobbies, in Atlanta, about 1974. Now I have ordered one!
    (You keep getting me in trouble, Bob.)

  8. Steven Page,

    Sorry! I'll try not to do it again … very often!

    All the best,


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