Spanish Civil War: Day-by-Day: 16th – 18th March 1938

Barcelona was subjected to round-the-clock bombing by Italian aircraft based on Majorca.

Spanish Civil War: Day-by-Day: 9th March – 23rd July 1938


With the failure of the Republican attack upon Teruel the Nationalists were now able to mount an offensive eastward into on Aragon and Levante. The intention was to cut Republican Spain into two parts. The assault, which was led by General Fidel Davila, began on 9th March and by 16th March the Nationalists had forced the Republicans to retreat up to 60 miles in places.

Lerida, in Catalonia, surrendered to the Nationalists on 3rd April, and twelve days later Vinaroz, a village about half-way between Valencia and Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast, was captured and the Republic was cut in two. The Nationalist sought to widen this gap and on 14th June they captured Castellon de la Plana, 40 miles North of Valencia. Republican resistance was, however, increasing, and the Nationalists brought the offensive to a halt to allow time for their troops to rest and re-equip before the attack on Valencia.

Spanish Civil War: Day-by-Day: 6th March 1938

The modern Nationalist cruiser Baleares, which was escorting a convoy of merchant ships off the Mediterranean coast near Cartagena, was sunk by torpedoes launched by Republican destroyers.

La Ultima Cruzada: Paperback and eBook editions

Since LA ULTIMA CRUZADA was published late last year, I’ve had several requests for both paperback and eBook editions.

Having given it some thought, I’ve decided to see how quickly and easily this could be done, and if it does not require too much work on my part, I hope to be able make them available in the near future.

La Ultima Cruzada is now available from Amazon

I understand that LA ULTIMA CRUZADA is now available from Amazon as well as

It is currently listed as ‘Temporarily out of stock‘, but I’ve discovered that this is Amazon-speak for ‘no one has ordered a copy yet‘. Interestingly they are also selling it as ‘post free’ to Amazon Prime customers … but at a slightly higher price (£26.69) than quote without postage and packing (£24.99).

I understand that the Amazon Prime price has now dropped to £24.99 with free postage, although it is still listed as ‘Temporarily out of stock‘.

Spanish Civil War: Day-by-Day: 15th December 1937 – 20th February 1938


The Republican Army launched an offensive to capture Teruel to pre-empt a Nationalist attack upon Catalonia. Two Republican armies (led by Generals Hernandez Sarabia and Leopoldo Menendez) advanced on Teruel and by nightfall on 15th December they had surrounded the city.

The garrison, which was commanded by Colonel Rey d’Harcourt, held out in the southern part of the city until 8th January; casualties and lack of supplies then forced them to surrender. On 29th December General Franco had ordered Generals Jose Varela and Antonio Aranda to mount a counter-attack to relieve the defenders but the appalling winter weather hampered their advance and d’Harcourt had surrendered before they could raise the siege. The Republicans now found that they were in danger of being besieged in Teruel themselves.

On 7th February Nationalist cavalry attacked the Republican forces to the North of the city and forced them to retreat and by 17th February Moroccan troops (led by General Juan Yague) had crossed the River Alfambra. Three days later the Nationalists had almost surrounded the city and the Republican armies were forced to retreat along the Valencia road to the south-east. The Nationalists then reoccupied Teruel.

La Ultima Cruzada has been released for publication!

The printed proof copies have arrived, and after checking I have been able to release my latest book – the third edition of LA ULTIMA CRUZADA – for publication.

It is now available in hardback format for £24.99 (plus postage) from, and should be on sale with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers within a matter of weeks.

To quote from the blurb on the cover of the book:

This book has been written in direct response to the numerous requests for a revised and improved version of the previous – and now long out-of-print – second edition. Unlike the previous book, this edition presents the data it contains thematically in the hope that it will enable readers to quickly find the information they are looking for.

LA ULTIMA CRUZADA is intended to be a sourcebook of information that will be useful to military historians and wargamers with an interest in the Spanish Civil War.

The book comprises six parts:
Part 1: The major political parties and main events of the Spanish Civil War
Part 2: The Armies of the Spanish Civil War
Part 3: The Navies of the Spanish Civil War
Part 4: The Air Forces of the Spanish Civil War
Part 5: The Spanish Police and Security Forces
Part 6: Uniforms of the Spanish Civil War

There is also a bibliography.

The book is 296 pages long, and contains numerous black and white photographs and line drawings.