PBEM Kriegsspiel – The Waterloo Campaign

An extract from von Blücher’s diary for the evening of 12th June 1815:

Our troops have clashed with what appears to be the bulk of the French army today, and although we have suffered grievous casualties and have been forced to take up a defensive posture, they have not got away lightly.

The men fought well, and although there has been talk of too impetuous an attack by one of my generals, I cannot fault a man who attacks the enemy wherever he finds them. My last orders to him were to go forward, and that is exactly what he did.

I have also had news of His Grace, The Duke of Wellington. I had hoped that he would have been here today, fighting side-by-side with us in the battle against Bonaparte, but it was not to be. Such is fate.

I know not what tomorrow will bring, but I fully expect that Bonaparte will attack in the hope of destroying my army. If he does, he will find that we Prussians will fight to the death for our King and our country.

PBEM Kriegsspiel – The Waterloo Campaign

An extract from von Blücher’s diary for 12th June 1815:

I have news that the French are where we expected them to be, and we are moving forward to meet them. So far we have only skirmished with their Light Cavalry, but this suggests that they have something to hide.

I have issued my orders, and I trust my Generals to carry them out. I know that they will fight even unto death for the glory of Prussia and the King, as will our soldiers. They are all fine men, and will acquit themselves as such.


PBEM Kriegsspiel – The Waterloo Campaign

Generalfeldmarschall Graf Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher sets out to review his troops.

PBEM Kriegsspiel – The Waterloo Campaign

An extract from von Blücher’s diary for 11th June 1815:

News that the ‘Beast’ in on the move against us fills me with no fear. He was defeated, and he will be defeated again; we and the English will see to that!

I have given my orders, and have sent a courier to His Grace, the Duke of Wellington. All I can do is to wait and see what happens next. With luck we shall catch Bonaparte before he is ready; if not, we shall face him on the field of Mars soon enough.

My boys are young, and many lack experience, but they are true patriots and will fight and die for their King and Country.

A good cigar and a brandy or two should settle me down before I sleep. I have made my dispositions and can do no more. I will sleep knowing that I have done my best for my King and my Country.

PBEM Kriegsspiel – The Waterloo Campaign

I have been asked to take part in a PBEM Kriegsspiel set during 1815. I have been allocated the role of Generalfeldmarschall Graf Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher – commander of the Prussian Army – and I will be writing my/his diary of events as they unfold.

The ‘Beast’ Napoleon has returned from exile and my troops, along with those of my brother-in-arms the Duke of Wellington, are all that stand between stability and anarchy in Europe. The Austrians and Russians are said to be on their way, but I doubt that they will arrive in time to prevent the ‘Beast’ from plunging Europe into bloody war again!

I now have to write my first set of orders as well as sending a courier to convey my intentions to the Duke. More news will follow soon.