Looking backward to go forward

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. I spent time during the morning waiting indoors for someone to arrive … and the afternoon and evening was spent in London at a meeting and dinner.

It was whilst on the train home that I was suddenly struck by a thought … and that thought was in response to a chance remark Tim Gow made in a recent comment about his MEGABLITZ rules. He made the point that had he been writing MEGABLITZ now, he would have probably used a hexed grid rather than making players measure move distances and weapon ranges. I was thinking that this made a lot of sense, and fitted in with one or two ideas I had been tossing around with David Crook … and then I remembered that I had done something like that some years ago. A quick search through the archive of wargames rules that I have on my computer revealed that I had actually written a set of rules entitled HEXBLITZ back in 2007 (before I began blogging) … and even play-tested them.

Reading through the rules this morning I realised that they were actually not too bad, and that the battle report of the play-test was actually quite interesting. As far as I know I have not published either on my blog before, and therefore – with a bit of luck – I hope to do so later today or at some point tomorrow.