Airfix Battles on hexes?

Almost as soon as I had bought and used my copy of AIRFIX BATTLES, I began thinking about ‘converting’ the rules so that I could use them with my Hexon II hexed terrain and my existing collection of 20mm-scale World War II figures and vehicles.

The only major change I can foresee with regard to the existing movement rules related to turning vehicles. My current thinking (which appears to be in line with that of Ross Macfarlane, who is working along similar lines) is that vehicles should be able to turn 60° without suffering a penalty, a 120° turn at a ‘cost’ of one hex of movement, and a 180° turn at a ‘cost’ of two hexes of movement.

As most of my figures are mounted on multi-figure unit bases I am thinking of using two such bases for each standard AIRFIX BATTLES infantry unit, with magnetic numbered tiles on each base to show its current strength.

This is about as far as my thinking has so far progressed … and until I can play-test my ideas in a battle or two involving three or four units per side, I cannot go any further developing my ideas.

4 Comments on “Airfix Battles on hexes?”

  1. Hi Bob,
    Like ships at sea, some vehicles turn more readily than others. You might want to factor in that ability when ginning up your home rules.
    All the best with your rules efforts!

  2. Celtic Curmudgeon (Jerry),

    I take your point, but for the moment I'm going to keep things as simple as possible (I am only going to use tracked vehicle in my play-tests) and will bring in the sort of differentiation you suggest at a later date, when I begin to use wheeled vehicles.

    All the best,


  3. Speaking of play tests, now that we know more, we're hitting the table again tomorrow.

  4. Ross Mac,

    I look forward to reading about how your battle pans out.

    All the best,


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