Cordery’s Composite Cavalry Corps expands!

Thanks to a visit to the branch of THE WORKS in Woolwich, I managed to buy some further painted metal 54mm-scale Napoleonic Cavalry figures for £2.00 each. As a result CORDERY’S COMPOSITE CAVALRY CORPS now includes:

  • 8 x ‘Red’ Hussars
  • 8 x ‘Green’ Hussars
  • 7 x Polish Cavalry

All I need is a further Polish Cavalryman to be able to field three small ‘regiments’ of Light Cavalry in any forthcoming FUNNY LITTLE WARS battles.

I have tried to track down what unit each of the figures actually represents. As far as I can see, the ‘Green’ Hussars are – in fact – French Chasseurs à Cheval of the Guard. As to the others … well that research remains a work in progress, but if any of my regular blog readers can identify them, I would be very grateful.

4 Comments on “Cordery’s Composite Cavalry Corps expands!”

  1. Edwin King says:

    Are these your boys?

    From Del Prado's partwork 'Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars'. They also had one that was 'Cavalry through the Ages'.

  2. Edwin King,

    Thanks for the link. My figures are similar to the ones sold by Del Prado, but don't appear to come from that particular series. The figures all have what looks like Russian text under each figure base and on the back of the packaging.

    All the best,


  3. Edwin King says:

    OK. They seem to match some figures marketed by Eaglemoss for the Russian Campaign.

    From The Works' website I see four types.

    The officer in blue with the tiger skin is Marshal Murat. Red Hussars are troopers Life Guard Hussars
    Blue Lancers (your Poles?) are officers Life Guard Lancers.


  4. Edwin King,

    Thanks very much for identifying the various uniforms! I had looked through the reference books that I had on my bookshelves, but could not find them.

    From what I can gather, the Murat figure does not seem to be selling very well.

    All the best,


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