The bombings in Brussels

As I wrote in the aftermath of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, I usually refrain from making any comments of a political nature, but events in Brussels yesterday cannot be ignored.

Soon after I awoke yesterday morning, the news of the explosions at Zaventem Airport was just breaking. By the time I was sitting down to eat my breakfast, the attack on the Brussels Metro train had taken place.

Yet again a few fanatics have killed innocent people in pursuit of their perverted goal. Already Islamic State has claimed responsibility, and no doubt the killers will be lauded as ‘martyrs’ by them … but my understanding is that a martyr is ‘a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs‘. (Definition from the Oxford English Dictionary) The martyrs yesterday were those who were killed because of someone else’s religious beliefs, not those who killed them.

Needless to say, my thoughts and sympathy go out to all those who were affected by yesterday’s events.


6 Comments on “The bombings in Brussels”

  1. KEV. says:

    It takes more energy to be GOOD than BAD…these attacks are to be condemned….strange and sad- these types of terrorism -these types of massacres – only makes the Free World STONGER…but such a cost.

  2. Jim Duncan says:

    I think that wherever evil lives in this world it cares little about the Oxford English Dictionary much less anything else.

  3. Kev,

    Terrorism wins when we start to work to their agenda and not our own. It is up to us to try to live normal lives as best we can, and to face up to terrorists when necessary.

    All the best,


  4. Jim Duncan,

    I was trying to make the point – not very well – that the people who perpetrated these atrocities do not deserve to be treated as 'heroes' or 'martyrs' by anyone.

    All the best,


  5. Fitz-Badger says:

    A very appropriate picture, that Tintin drawing. My heart goes to to the Belgians and to the innocent dead and injured victims and their loved ones.
    I also agree with you about the perpetrators and supporters of those detestable attacks.

  6. Fitz-Badger,

    Herge used his Tintin cartoon stories to comment on his contemporary world, and I think that had he been alive today he would have been creating stories about the current situation.

    I have grave concerns about any culture or religious view that sees the murder of innocent people as something praiseworthy, or that encourages a suicide death cult amongst its members.

    All the best,


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