Horse, Foot and Guns: Version 1.1

The replacement copy of HORSE, FOOT AND GUNS arrived in the post from Lulu yesterday.

The front cover has been slightly changed, and the back cover has been revamped. This new edition has also been allocated a different ISBN (ISBN 978 1 325 57118 4). The new edition is longer (72 pages as opposed to 64), and this has enable the army lists to be laid out in a much less cluttered way.

I have not undertaken a complete word-by-word analysis of the new edition, but there do appear to be some minor change to the Combat Outcomes which seem to make them clearer to understand.


4 Comments on “Horse, Foot and Guns: Version 1.1”

  1. Mike Hall says:

    Weirdly it's still not on Lulu's UK website

  2. Mike Hall,

    Perhaps they are waiting until all the replacement editions have been sent out.

    All the best,


  3. It does look virtually identical to the older one, although this set only covers up to 1914, and not 1925 as in the last one:)

    I still prefer the 1997 version, but I might have a go at extracting more period specific movement and combat charts (e.g. I don't need to worry about spearmen or muskets in 1866).

  4. Martin Rapier,

    The main differences between the two editions seem to be more to do with layout than content.

    All the best,


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