Contemplating my naval

Before anyone decided to write a comment about the face that the title of this blog entry should read ‘Contemplating my navel’, the ‘mistake’ is deliberate.

The fact that I now own enough Hexon II blue hexes to cover an area of approximately 9′ x 4′ has yet again turned my thoughts towards naval wargaming. Now over the years I have done quite a bit of naval wargaming, and have done my bit to help to popularise both Fred Jane’s Naval War Game and Fletcher Pratt’s Naval War Game. I have also designed quite a few of my own naval wargames, including MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA (MOBAS) and THE PORTABLE NAVAL WARGAME.

Until recently the naval wargames that I have fought using my Hexon II hexed terrain have tended to be quite small affairs (one or two ships per side) …

… but now I can begin to think about somewhat larger battles.

With this in mind I looked back at some of the battles I fought on my Heroscape blue terrain tiles using MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA (MOBAS) …

It is 1914 … and the Greek and Turkish fleets approach each other.

Whilst the Turkish cruiser chases its Greek counterpart, the two Turkish battleships close on their Greek opponents.

… and I have decided that this is the sort of action I could set up and fight. Now all I have to do is to build some suitable model ships.


4 Comments on “Contemplating my naval”

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    I didn't think you had room for a 9 x 4 Bob?

  2. Jim Duncan,

    Not at home … but COW is a different matter. There the rooms and tables can easily accommodate a 9' x 4' tabletop.

    (I can just about manage a 6' x 4' table in my toy/wargames room, but only with difficulty.)

    All the best,


  3. Nigel Drury says:

    8 March will be the centenary of Fred Jane's death.

  4. Nigel Drury,

    I had missed that! Thanks for pointing out this centenary; I think that it deserves a special blog entry on the day.

    All the best,


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