Back from the USA and Canada

If you have been wondering why I haven’t replied to comments on my blog recently, I have a good reason; Sue and I have spent the last twenty five days cruising across the Atlantic and back in order to visit North Eastern America and the eastern provinces of Canada.

Sue and I are currently getting ready to disembark from P&O’s MV Aurora, and hope to be home later this morning. With luck normal blogging will resume later this week!

It’s great to be able to go travelling … but getting home again is also wonderful.


10 Comments on “Back from the USA and Canada”

  1. Hope you had a great trip and I look forward to the coming posts.

  2. Jim Duncan says:

    To be honest Bob, I've been too ill to notice your absence.

    Am a lot better today.

    Looking forward to reading your report.


  3. Dick Bryant says:

    I wish you would give me a heads-up when you plan to visit New England in the future. I would love to show you and your family around and perhaps get you into a game.
    Dick Bryant

  4. Chris says:

    Were you anywhere near Washington DC or Northern Virginia? If so, I'm sorry I missed you!

    Best regards,


  5. Conrad Kinch says:

    Glad to have you back Bob. I'm no seer, but I foresee pictures.

  6. Tradgardmastare (Alan),

    It was a memorable trip, and I am currently working on the very long blog entry that will feature the places we visited.

    All the best,


  7. Jim Duncan,

    I was very sorry to hear that you have not been well, but I gather that things are now on the mend. I hope that you get back to full health very soon.

    All the best,


  8. Dick Bryant,

    This trip was three years after the last … so it probably won't be until 2018 at the earliest that we return.

    I will certainly let you know if and when we return, and would love to meet up with you.

    All the best,


  9. Chris,

    The US part of our cruise went to New York, Newport RI, Boston, and Portland ME. We then visited Saint John NB, Halifax NS, Quebec City, and Sydney NS.

    We had hoped to go to Washington DC whilst we were in New York, but the Pope's visit seemed to throw all transport arrangements in and around New York into various levels of chaos, so in the end we didn't go.

    Perhaps next time.

    All the best,


  10. Conrad Kinch,

    It is good to be back … although trying to sort through the thousands of photographs is taking a wee bit longer than I expected.

    All the best,


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