A bump in the road … has now become a hole!

At about 11.15am a road mending crew from the local council’s road repair contractors arrived outside our house to fix the bump that had developed in the road outside my neighbour’s house. They set up their warning signs and equipment … and set about digging out the bump.

After about fifteen minutes they stopped … and began preparing to go, leaving a hole full of broken-up tarmac and mud.

I asked them what was happening, and they informed me that the cause of the bump was due to some form of water leak, and that they did not have the necessary equipment to do a repair. They showed me how bad the situation was … and it was apparent that the surface underneath the tarmac is saturated with water. One of the members of the crew was adamant that the damage had to be due to a water leak, and was dismissive of Thames Water’s assurances that there were no water leaks in the area.

They have now reported the situation to the local council … who will no doubt get in contact with Thames Water about the non-existent ‘leak’. In the meantime the road width is restricted, and we are half expecting that someone from Transport for London (TfL) will turn up sometime soon because the local buses are having problems getting through the narrow gap that is left.

More news as it happens!


8 Comments on “A bump in the road … has now become a hole!”

  1. Stryker says:

    Bob – the shape of its wrong, its much too long, and you can't put an 'ole where an 'ole don't belong…

  2. Stryker,

    That tune has been going around and around in my head ever since the workmen arrived this morning!

    All the best,


  3. Red_Cardinal says:


    >>That tune has been going around and around in my head ever since the workmen arrived this morning!

    By the wonders of Youtube

    You'll never get rid of that song now… 🙂

  4. Well, there we are, never heard that before.

    But I'm sure the hole will be fixed and all the workmen home by Christmas.

  5. Red_Cardinal,

    I am going to make 'that song' the topic of today's blog entry … so you have achieved your evil purpose! :^)

    All the best,


  6. Ross Mac,

    You had never heard of 'Hole in the ground' before? There are some people who would say that you are a very lucky man; others would argue that 'Hole in the ground' and 'Right said Fred' (which came out at about the same time) are great examples of British comic songs.

    As to the hole … well it is still there, and likely to remain so for some time.

    All the best,


  7. Steven Page says:

    This situation reminds me of a nightmare at work. Every time it rained, we had water coming through the roof of the restaurant. I called the facilities manager. He sent out the roofer. The roofer said it was due to the air conditioners frezing up and leaking. I called the AC crew. They said it was roof leaks. I finally got both at the store at the same time, and told them not to come off the 105F roof until they had fixed WHATEVER it was.

    When I quit the company, it was still leaking….

  8. Steven Page,

    My wife worked in a school that had a similar problem … and when she left after being there for five year, the leak had still not been fixed.

    All the best,


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