Vive L’Empereur: Cavalry (3): Lancers and Chasseurs à Cheval

After varnishing and basing the Carabiniers, Grenadiers à Cheval, and Mameluke figures in my collection of Del Prado pre-painted 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic figures, I began work on the third and final batch of French Cavalry. This batch comprised Lancers and Chasseurs à Cheval.

There are two bases of Lancers and four bases of Chasseurs à Cheval, each base having two figures.

This now only leaves me the French Officers to varnish and base, but this task may well have to be put off for a few weeks as I have quite a few other things happening from now until the end of July.


6 Comments on “Vive L’Empereur: Cavalry (3): Lancers and Chasseurs à Cheval”

  1. Gonsalvo says:

    Very nice; they certainly made quite a varied range, didn't they?

  2. Conrad Kinch says:

    The end is in sight!

  3. Gonsalvo,

    The figures that were included in Del Prado collection were from a variety of sources, and when seen painted and en masse they do look very impressive.

    All the best,


  4. Conrad Kinch,

    Yes … and noI

    My original goal for this project will have been reached when the French Officers are varnished and based, but since then I have acquired a few more figures (and hopefully have a few more lined up) and realised that I can create one or two more units from the as-yet-unused figures from my original collection. As a result the project might get take even longer to complete than originally planned.

    All the best,


  5. Lee Hadley,

    Thanks very much for your kind words. I particularly like the way that the Lancers have turned out.

    All the best,


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