Vive L’Empereur: Cavalry (2): Carabiniers, Grenadiers à Cheval, and Mamelukes

After varnishing and basing the French Cuirassier figures in my collection of Del Prado pre-painted 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic figures, I began work on the second batch of French Cavalry.

These included Carabiniers, Grenadiers à Cheval, and Mamelukes. (Before anyone points out that the Mamelukes were not at Waterloo, I know. The figures were bought on eBay – along with the Grenadiers à Cheval – and were part of the range of pre-painted 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic figure that Del Prado sold for the Battle of Austerlitz. They were just too unusual and pretty NOT to buy!)

There are four bases of Carabiniers, two bases of Grenadiers à Cheval, and two bases of Mamelukes, each base having two figures.


4 Comments on “Vive L’Empereur: Cavalry (2): Carabiniers, Grenadiers à Cheval, and Mamelukes”

  1. Lee Hadley,

    Thanks old chap! I particularly like the Horse Grenadiers and the Mamelukes.

    All the best,


  2. Jim Duncan says:

    Much more to go Bob?

  3. Jim Duncan,

    Just a few more French cavalry and the French officers need to be varnished and based … and then the project will be complete … for the time being. (I have acquired a few more figures from the RELIVE AUSTERLITZ collection since I started and I also have a few odds and ends from the original collection that I might be able to use to create some additional units.)

    All the best,


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