The Foreign Correspondent

After some prompting from David Crook, I finally got around to re-joining THE CONTINENTAL WARS SOCIETY.

The Society focuses on European conflicts of the nineteenth century (i.e. from the end of the Napoleonic Wars to the beginning of the twentieth century), and they publish a regular quarterly newsletter – THE FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT – and a number of booklets. The latter include:

  • The Battle of Nachod by Theodor Fontane, translated by Robert Mantle
  • The Hanoverian army and Langensalza by John Pocock
  • The Polish Army 1815 to 1831 by W J Fiedler
  • The Bavarian Army in the 1866 Campaign by John Pocock
  • The Battle of Montebello 1859 by Ralph Weaver
  • The Battle of Froeschwiller by Richard Brooks

These booklets cost £6.00 each (including postage).

Membership of THE CONTINENTAL WARS SOCIETY costs £6.00 if – like me – you opt for the PDF version, and it is possible to buy Issues 1 to 69 in PDF format (along with Issues 1 to 5 of MIT EISEN UND BLUT) on a CD for only £6.00. Membership details can be obtained from Ralph Weaver (non-US membership) and Robert Burke (for US membership).


… includes articles entitled:

  • The Francs-tireurs in the Franco-Prussian war, 1870-71
  • The Feld-Post in the Prussian Army
  • A new museum in Gravelotte
  • Information Wanted
  • A Neapolitan Artillery Officer
  • Book Reviews
  • Königgrätz 2015 or A Day in the Life of an Itinerant Wargamer by Ernie Fosker
  • Comments of the Krupp anti-balloon gun by Rob Morgan
  • Salute 2015 report and background to the Society display
  • Salute Wargame, a view from the tabletop by Kelvin White

I am looking forward to reading through all the back-issues on the CD, and no doubt they will give me lots of fresh wargaming ideas.


9 Comments on “The Foreign Correspondent”

  1. Nigel Drury says:

    Do you know if the booklets are also available as pdfs?

  2. Nigel Drury,

    As far as I know the booklets are only available in printed format.

    All the best,


  3. Pete. says:

    Seems an interesting society- could you give me more details on the Francs-tireurs article please? What does it cover etc? It is a particular interest of mine.




  4. Ian Dury says:

    Nigel, I don't believe we have PDFs of the booklets, but I will check with our secretary in case.

    Pete, the Franc-Tireur article is a general introduction, origin, organisation (such as it was!), units, weapons and some of the actions. If this is a particular interest, we have done other articles in the past, so I would recommend the back issues CD. Also I have the old Tradition magazine articles on the Franc-Tireurs, so drop me a line if that is of interest.

    Ian Dury

  5. Pete,

    It would appear that Ian Dury has answered your question before I managed to … and with much greater knowledge about what else may be of help to you in the back issues.

    All the best,


  6. Ian Dury,

    Thanks very much for answering Pete's question. I suspect that he wants a bit more information than this particular article provides, although I did find it very helpful as an introduction to what a france-tireur actually was.

    All the best,


  7. Pete. says:

    Thank you Ian- I think I'll find enough in the newsletters to interest me so I will order the back issues and get a current subscription too.

    If you could leave me a message on my blog with your contact details that would be much appreciated as I'd like to see the old tradition articles.



  8. Pete,

    Hooray! Another recruit for the Society!

    All the best,


  9. Ian Dury says:

    Pete, you can contact me via Ian dot dury at hotmail dot co dot uk

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