Warship 2015

Yesterday the latest copy of WARSHIP was delivered. This is Volume XXXVII of this annual publication and it is edited by John Jordan and published by Conway (ISBN 978 1 894486 276 4).

I always look forward to receiving my copy of this annual publication, and I am lucky enough to own all thirty seven volumes. WARSHIP was originally published as a soft-back quarterly, but when it changed over to being an annual I bought bound copies of all the quarterly issues, and the collection has pride of place on my bookshelves.

This edition includes:

  • Editorial by John Jordan
  • The Battleships of the Patrie Class by John Jordan
  • The Incredible Hulks: The Fisgard Training Establishment and its Ships by Aidan Dodson
  • The Bonfiglietti Project: An Aircraft Carrier for the Regia Marina by Michele Cosentino
  • Nigh Action, Malaya 1942 by Peter Cannon
  • The Submarine Mariotte, Known as ‘The Toothbrush’ by Philippe Caresse
  • The Aircraft Carriers of the Shôkaku Class by Hans Lengerer
  • Russia’s Circular Ironclads: The Popovkas by Stephen McLaughlin
  • Modern Aircraft Carriers by Conrad Waters
  • Post-war Weapons in the Royal Navy by Peter Marland
  • The Naval War in the Adriatic Part 1: 1914-1916 by Enrico Cernuschi and Vincent P O’Hara
  • Warship Notes
  • Naval Books of the Year
  • Warship Gallery

This year’s annual seems to be full of interesting articles, and I am particularly looking forward to reading Aidan Dobson’s article about The Incredible Hulks: The Fisgard Training Establishment and its Ships and Stephen McLaughlin’s one about Russia’s Circular Ironclads: The Popovkas.


2 Comments on “Warship 2015”

  1. Steven Page says:

    I want to see you work a Popovka into a MoBaS game. Maybe use an old fashioned spinner out of a Candyland game to see where it is pointing after it fires it's guns!

  2. Steven Page,

    Interestingly the article implies that the Popovkas were not as bad as they are often made out to be. That said, using one in a game does have a certain appeal … so you never know, they might appear on my tabletop one day soon!

    All the best,


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