I couldn’t go on a cruise and not buy anything!

Over recent years I seem to have bought fewer and fewer ‘souvenirs’ each time I go on a cruise. I always try to buy the national flag of any new country that I visit and – where possible – any regional flags as well.

On this cruise we did not go anywhere new, so I didn’t buy any flags. I did, however, buy two new ready-painted resin buildings to add to my collection …

… and two wooden Sudoku boards.

I bought the latter in Split from stall in the market that was selling all sorts of different wooden toys and kitchenalia.

I don’t enjoy Sudoku problems … but I am sure that I can find a wargaming use for them. Possible they could be used to record hidden movement (the boards do have 81 separate holes in them, organised in a large 3 x 3 grid of smaller 3 x 3 grids) or to record each side’s casualties and/or progress towards reaching their Exhaustion Point.


4 Comments on “I couldn’t go on a cruise and not buy anything!”

  1. I play Sudoku quite often…

  2. Archduke Piccolo,

    My father was an avid, almost fanatical, player of Sudoku … but although I tried it a couple of times, I could never get that enthusiastic about it.

    All the best,


  3. Went through a phase od Suduki but I got better…

    I always come back from visits abroad with buildings etc – lots of nice 15mm-ish ones from Paris, 6mm-ish from Santorini… Santorini also netted some nice Greek gods and goddesses for HoTT games.

    In Paris lots of the shops have a fantastic range of 20mm-ish items – lamp posts, people, underground kiosks etc, etc – keep looking at them but they are a bit expensive!

  4. Xaltotun of Python,

    It is amazing what useful wargaming buildings (and other bits and pieces) one can find and buy in souvenir shops. I have a draw full of approximately 120th-scale pre-painted resin buildings from Croatia and Greece, and they are suitable for almost any wargame set in a Southern European/Balkan country. I also have some similar Belgian and Scandinavian model buildings.

    All the best,


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