30% off the price of When Empires Clash! when bought direct from Lulu.com

I understand that Lulu is currently holding a 30% off sale on all printed books. This means that anyone wishing to buy a copy of WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! via Lulu can buy my book for only £4.19 (plus postage and packing), thus saving £1.80.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
To buy a copy, just click on the link shown above. When the webpage opens, in the section where it asks for the Coupon Code …

… just type in APRIL30 (WITH NO GAPS) and then press the ‘Apply’ button to activate the 30% sale price discount.

I do have another non-wargaming book on sale with Lulu. It is entitled BROTHERS IN ARMS AND BROTHERS IN THE LODGE: THE STORY OF THE MEMBERS OF THE GROVE PARK LODGE (No. 2732) WHO SERVED DURING THE FIRST WORLD WAR (ISBN 978 1 291 98955 7).

It is normally on sale for £5.00, but the discounted price is £3.50 (plus postage and packing), thus saving £1.50.


6 Comments on “30% off the price of When Empires Clash! when bought direct from Lulu.com”

  1. I bought When Empires Clash. I must say its one of the most clearly written sets of rules I have ever seen. There are lots of examples of moving, line of sight, combat, etc.
    I very much recommend it for anyone interested in this period. If you think you would ever like to play a grid game, try this. You will like it

  2. William McHarg,

    Thank you very much for your kind words … and ringing endorsement.

    All the best,


  3. Mike Taber says:

    Just ordered my copy. I believe that these will be the perfect rules for my current Colonial projects.

  4. Mike Taber,

    Thanks for buying my rules. I hope that you won't be disappointed with your purchase!

    All the best,


  5. I ordered my copy last night. Looking forward to receiving it through the post next week!
    Any thought of making your Spanish Civil War offerings (“Ultima Cruzada” and “Arriba Espana!”) available from the likes of Lulu.com?

  6. Ian Macdonald,

    Thanks for being one of the six people who bought a copy of WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! yesterday. I hope that you enjoy using the rules.

    I must admit that I had not considered publishing LA ULTIMA CRUZADA or ARRIBA ESPANA! via Lulu. If I did I think that the former would need quite a lot of revision, especially in the light of new research, and the nature of the way my wargame designs have developed and matured over the years would certainly make the latter look rather old fashioned.

    Certainly something for me to think about for the future.

    All the best,


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