The Battle of Riachuelo

After writing yesterday’s blog entry about the ARMIES OF THE WAR OF THE TRIPLE ALLIANCE 1864-70, I remembered writing a blog entry a year ago (3rd March 2014 to be precise) about William Eugene Warner’s WARSHIPS AT THE BATTLE OF RIACHUELO. The book was written back in 2008 (ISBN 9781456314682) and can still be printed to order by Amazon UK.

The book describes the ships used by the two main opposing naval ‘powers’ – Paraguay and Brazil – and particularly those that saw action during the Battle of Riachuelo, the main naval battle of the war. Each ship is covered in a reasonable amount of detail, and each entry has a plan and side view of the ship in question.

If any of my regular blog readers is interested in re-fighting the War of the Triple Alliance, this book about the naval aspects of the war is worth buying, even though – for a paperback – it is not very cheap.


4 Comments on “The Battle of Riachuelo”

  1. johntheone says:

    I think I remember a wargame about this years ago think it was on Grognards

  2. Johntheone,

    That is interesting. Having read about the battle, I think that it would be quite an interesting one to re-fight.

    All the best,


  3. johntheone says:

    Boardgame geek has a bit about the game under the title riachuelo naval battle and a link to a DTP version of the game

  4. Johntheone,

    Thanks very much for this information. I will follow it up later tonight.

    All the best,


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