The King’s German Legion … and a small Hanoverian army?

My collection of Del Prado pre-painted 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic figures includes some figures that represent Major Baring’s 2nd Light Battalion, King’s German Legion. This unit was part of the garrison of La Haie Sainte during the Battle of Waterloo, and defended the farm until their ammunition had run out. Even then they fought on using their bayonets and rifle butts, and when the farm was finally overrun only forty three men (including Major Baring) escaped. The battalion’s casualties that day were 347 officers and men lost from the 860 who started the battle.

I have now varnished and based these figures, and I intend to use them as the basis of a small Hanoverian army (which had two similarly clothed light infantry battalions) as well as the light infantry element of the King’s German Legion.

As I have almost enough ‘spares’ for two more bases, I have placed an eBay ‘bid’ for a few more. (Yes, I know I wrote that I wouldn’t do this … but the chance to add these figures to my collection was just too good to turn down!) If I ‘win’ the auction for these additional figures I will certainly have enough to add at least two more bases to my growing Allied army.


4 Comments on “The King’s German Legion … and a small Hanoverian army?”

  1. Steven Page says:

    One need never apologize for adding KGL figures to one's collection.Or Brunswickers for that matter.

  2. This seems to be progressing well. I have noted that regardless of scale or rules, collecting Napoleonics tend to be an open ended business.

    Hopefully there will be a small test skirmish long before the armies are complete?

  3. Steven Page,

    I've always had a soft spot for the KGL … and they had a well-earned reputation for being hard-fighting and reliable troops. Likewise the Brunswickers, particularly those who served in the Peninsular. I'll always find room for both in my Napoleonic wargames army.

    All the best,


  4. Ross Mac,

    Like Topsy, my Napoleonic collection does seem to be growing and growing … and growing.

    With luck I will be able to mount a small battle (or two) in the near future … possibly involving my Dutch-Belgian infantry (as substitute American troops) and my KGL (as substitute British and Canadian troops).

    All the best,


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