I really must stop buying more figures … for the moment!

Last weekend I fully intended to take a break from varnishing and basing my collection of Del Prado pre-painted 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic figures … but I keep buying additional figures on eBay to fill out the armies I have already done, and when they arrive I feel the need to varnish and base them.

I have decided that I simply MUST stop buying additional figures … at least for a week or two so that I can do something else. What that might be I’m not sure … but my recent foray into mini-campaigning has given me the taste for fighting a number of linked wargames.


12 Comments on “I really must stop buying more figures … for the moment!”

  1. At least when you buy them you do something with them. I just put them in a box and forget about them for ten years!

  2. Legatus Hedlius,

    What you have written is true … but the original collection has been sitting in storage for several years untouched.

    Like every wargamer I know, I have a huge pile of unpaid lead … and one day I will get around to either painting it or – more likely – getting rid of it.

    All the best,


  3. Stryker says:

    Oh go on Bob, just a few more eh?

  4. Stryker,

    I must resist … I must resist …

    I somehow suspect that if an attractive item or two appeared on eBay, my resolve would be sorely tested.

    All the best,


  5. A.W. KITCHEN says:

    The problem with EBay is things only appear spasmodically so you may have to bid when you see something you need – I know I'm weak ! , Tony

  6. johntheone says:

    I would like to get hold of the Austerlitz figures but it seems they where only released in Europe and dont seem to be to many of them about

  7. A.W.Kitchen (Tony),

    That is part of the problem! I keep looking at eBay and thinking 'that might not
    come up again soon …. so I'd better bid for it now'.

    I must resist … I must resist …

    All the best,


  8. Johntheone,

    Some of the Austerlitz figures have recently been appearing on eBay. I bought some mounted Grenadiers and Marmaluks.

    All the best,


  9. arthur1815 says:

    “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a wargamer in possession of a modest pension must be in want of ever more Napoleonic toy soldiers.”

    “Peace: period of preparation for Waterloo in miniature.”

    “It all depends on that article. Give me enough of it, and I shall be able to recreate Waterloo.”

    And did not Oscar Wilde say that the only thing to do with temptation was to give in to it?

    Resistance is futile…


  10. Arthur1815,

    All those quotes are so true!

    I must resist …. Resistance is futile … I must resist …

    All the best,


    PS. I failed … and have just made a bid on a small batch of figures that will fill a gap in my collection. Resistance was futile!

  11. Firstly, resistance is futile. You can never have too many figures and armies are never finished.
    Secondly you will never complete the lead mountain. It's a curse placed on wargamers over the years that cannot be dispelled. When I cleaned my garage up last year i found unpainted figures I hjad packed into boxes 30 years previously before leaving the UK. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself WHY??? NEANDERTHALS? whatever did i plan to do with NEANDERTHALS. Ah well one day. Planning to finish the lead mountain when your thirty begins to lose it's grip on reality when you are closing on seventy 🙂

  12. Robert De Angelis,

    I am beginning to realise how weak my resolve is! Despite my best intentions, I have already given in and placed a bid on another item on eBay.

    Last summer I emptied my garden shed, and found figures that I bought back in the late 1960s … some of which were still unpainted.

    My unpainted pile of lead is not getting any larger … and I am trying to gradually get rid of it by selling figures or giving them away.

    All the best,


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