New wargaming board is ready to go!

Despite suffering from a heavy cold, I have managed to get my new wargaming board ready to use.

It began life as a whiteboard …

… which I turned over so that I could use the MDF side of the board as the basis of my wargaming board. (The surface does not look very white due to the lighting in my toy/wargames room.)

As the frame of the whiteboard was not glued to the board (the board was slotted into groves in the frame) the whole thing was a bit too flexible for my liking. I therefore glued thin wooden beading to the edge of the MDF and the inside edge of the frame.

This had the effect of strengthening the board, making it more rigid, and ensuring a tight fit between the Hexon II terrain tiles and the edge of the wargaming board.

With luck I will feel well enough by the weekend to begin using my new wargaming board. In the meantime I can continue sorting out my 28/28mm-scale pre-painted Del Prado Napoleonic figures into units that I can begin basing.


12 Comments on “New wargaming board is ready to go!”

  1. Looks good.

    Are you sure you want to base the figures first and then try them out?

    Sounds like less work to try the single figure option first and then base them if that option proves to be unsatisfactory.

  2. Ross Mac,

    I had thought about adopting the single figure option for this project rather than using multi-figure bases, but as the individual figures would have needed to be based so that they were stable (Del Prado seem to have used figures with very small bases cast from quite old-style moulds), I decided to go for multi-figures bases. I am going to gloss varnish the figures and paint the bases Humbrol matt 'Grass Green' to give the whole collection an Old School 'look'.

    All the best,


  3. Steven Page says:

    What an elegantly simple way to build a frame for your hexes! Very nice.

  4. Steven Page,

    It is an excellent idea … and I wish that I had thought if it!

    All the best,


  5. arthur1815 says:

    That looks very neat and a great way to hold the Hexon tiles in position.
    The gaps around the tiles would be ideal spots to roll and store dice, chits and other markers during play.

  6. Arthur1815,

    It is a very simple and very effective idea.

    I had wondered what to use the gaps for … and thanks to you, I now have lots of ideas! Thanks for sharing them with me.

    All the best,


  7. Sean says:

    Hi Bob, the game board looks good. Belated happy birthday and hopefully I can keep up with the blog better.

  8. Sean,

    Thanks for the best wishes.

    I think that the wargame board is an excellent idea, and I am looking forward to using it.

    All the best,


  9. Phil Dutré says:

    BTW, if you ask the people at Kallistra, you can also order single hexes cut in half. This is special service they provide, but charge a small surplus. I have used this for my own Kallistra Hexon terrain, and the half-hexes come in handy to fill up the half-gaps around the board.

  10. Very elegant, and somewhat fortuitous that the hexes fit so well within the frame

  11. Phil Dutré,

    Thanks for this information. I did not know that Kallistra offered this service, and it would make sense to get enough half hexes to fill some of the gaps.

    All the best,


  12. Michael Peterson,

    It was very fortuitous that the hexes fitted so well … and I wish that I could claim the discovery as being mine … but it wasn't.

    All the best,


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