Going Loco: Part 10: Adding the couplings

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon adding the hook and eye couplings to my toy train set conversions. This was not quite as simple and easy as I had hoped as I quickly realised that I needed to accurately drill holes for the hooks and eyes into the locomotives and wagons … and that my electric modelling drill was just not accurate enough for the task. In the end I had to do it manually using a pin drill.

Each hook and eye was screwed into the holes that I had drilled and was also fixed in place using superglue. The superglue was intended to strengthen the joint between the hook/eye and the locomotive/wagon and seems to have worked.

I now intend to start painting the locomotives and wagons. The paint scheme I plan to use is as simple and generic as I can make it, with the unarmoured locomotives being black, the unarmoured wagons having black underframes and brown bodywork, and the armoured locomotive and wagons being green.


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