I have the inspiration; all I need now is the perspiration!

Sue and I have been away for the weekend to visit Bristol. I am sure that it is a lovely city … but it has one of the most confusing road systems I have ever had to drive around. Even the locals I spoke to find it difficult to navigate, and in our case the lack of road signage that makes sense made it doubly so.

Whilst we were away I had an idea. (I do have some good ones occasionally!). Somewhere in the collection of Chaco War photographs that I have stored on my computer I remembered seeing an image of a Paraguayan troop train that looked rather like the toy train that I bought last Thursday. I did not have the opportunity to look through the photographs until this morning, but eventually I found it … and here it is!

As you can see, it is not that dissimilar to the toy train I have bought.

I now have the necessary inspiration; all I need to add is the perspiration (and time) to do something about it!


10 Comments on “I have the inspiration; all I need now is the perspiration!”

  1. Now i can't wait to see this in action,go for t!

  2. Tradgardmastare,

    I hope to do some work on the train later this week … but at the moment I have a slight problem that I need to sort out first.

    All the best,


  3. Ian Dury says:

    Love the inspiration, hope you get the problem sorted

  4. Ian Dury,

    The problem is a minor one (there is not enough straight track in the train set, and the train won't run on the track I own) but I do need to sort it before I begin any conversion/re-modelling work.

    As to the photograph … well it would be difficult not to find it inspirational, wouldn't it?

    All the best,


  5. Ian Dury says:

    What size track is it? I may have some that would work

  6. Ian Dury,

    Thanks for your very kind offer of help.

    The train set appears to have a track gauge that isn't standard. It is too wide to be N-gauge, and just too narrow to be OO/HO-gauge. It might be close to being TT-gauge, but I think that replacing the wheels and axles will allow the loco and rolling stock to run on OO/HO-gauge track. I know where I can buy some replacement wheels and axles, but I can't do that until later this week.

    All the best,


  7. Nigel Drury says:

    Might it work if you were to shorten the axles to use it as a narrow gauge train on N gauge track with 15 or 20mm figures?

  8. Nigel Drury,

    The axles are made of metal, and the only way to change their gauge would be to move the wheels along the length of the axle. I am not sure how easy this would be, and replacing the whole axles and wheel might be easier and quicker.

    All the best,


  9. Chris says:


    I just ran across 5 Chaco War articles in the files section of the Two Fat Lardies Yahoo group. They may simply be excerpts from books you already have on the conflict, but I thought you might be interested.

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  10. Chris,

    Thanks for letting me know about the files. Ill see if I can take a look at them as I am always on the lookout for new material about the Chaco War.

    All the best,


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