I recently ordered a copy of WARSHIPS OF THE CHINCHA ISLAND WARS (1864-1866): SPAIN’S LAST IMPERIAL ADVENTURE by William Eugene Warner from Amazon …

… but when the package arrived, I received this instead:

Other than some sort of major hiccough in their system, I cannot for the life of me see how Amazon could have confused these two books and sent the wrong one to me. (I do have visions of some poor French businessman or woman who has been sent my book in place of the Personnel Record book that they had ordered. I suspect that they are probably more confused by what has happened than I am!)

I have contacted Amazon, and I am in the process of returning the book they have sent me in the hope that they will eventually send me the book that I have ordered. If it arrives in the near future, I will certainly write a book review about it!


4 Comments on “Oops!”

  1. Dannoc says:

    You know they might be converted in to a new way of life !

  2. Dannoc,

    Possibly … but somehow I don't think so.

    All the best,


  3. Blaxkleric says:

    This will probably explain why the order went wrong, Bob. Scary stuff…

  4. Blaxkleric,

    Thanks for the link. Any news item the starts with the headline 'Amazon Deploys 15,000 Robots' is more than somewhat worrying … almost as worrying as 'And 80,000 Seasonal Workers'!

    I wonder which of these two groups was to blame?

    All the best,


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