Even more Flags of All Nations

I have continued to buy more flags of countries and places that I have visited, and the latest ones are …

Gibraltar Government Ensign



United Kingdom

The latter was bought when it looked as if the Scots were more than likely to vote in favour of independence, and I wanted to have an example of the Union Flag … just in case!


2 Comments on “Even more Flags of All Nations”

  1. Arquinsiel says:

    Have you been to Siena in Italy? If not, consider it for a future trip. 17 distinct Contrade in the city, each one has its own flag. Most of them are really fancy and hugely suitable for imagi-nation repurposing.

  2. Arquinsiel,

    I hope to go there some day … and it sounds as if I will come away with even more flags in my collection!

    All the best,


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