Nugget 273

I collected the latest edition of THE NUGGET (N273) from the printer on yesterday, and will be posting it out to members of Wargame Developments by Thursday.

I have already uploaded the PDF versions of THE NUGGET and THE NUGGET COLOUR SUPPLEMENT to the Wargame Developments website, and they are available for members of Wargame Developments to read online or to download and print.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is the LAST issue of THE NUGGET to be published for the 2013-2014 subscription year, and that re-subscriptions are now due. A reminder will be posted out with this issue of THE NUGGET. If you have not already re-subscribed you can do so using the link on the relevant page of the Wargame Developments website.


2 Comments on “Nugget 273”

  1. nobby says:

    I've never met Freddy Flintoff but I am sure that it would have been cheaper than the meeting with legend Phil Steele. It's his fault that I went 28mm medieval via 54mm at a time I thought I was happy with WW2!

  2. Nobby,

    I am sure that you are right! Every time I see Phil Steele's figures and terrain, I want to emulate what he has done … and I don't wargame much pre-1815!

    All the best,


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