Out of the Shed: You can never have too many trucks!

Just after the Launch of MEGABLITZ I went on a bit of a buying binge and bought huge numbers of die-cast metal and plastic vehicles. I used quite a few of them when I created my Soviet MEGABLITZ army, but the rest went into the shed … only to be rediscovered during the recent clear out.

So what vehicles do I have?

These are all Ford A trucks … which can be used as Ford/Gaz AA trucks as long as you are not too fussy!

These are a mixture of Mac and Bedford trucks. They look fairly generic and can be used as transport vehicles by most late 1930s/early 1940s wargames armies.

These are all from the range of cars that were sold as commercial tie-ins when the ‘Dick Tracey’ movie was released. They are ideal for conversion into staff cars.

These large Mercedes-Benz trucks would be idea tank transporters for model Pzkpfw I tanks.

Modified Vehicles
At some point I modified some of these vehicles.

In the case of the Majorette Ford A I removed the original wheels and replaced them with smaller ones. I also reduced the width of the vehicle by sawing off the protruding parts of the running boards and wheel arches. As a result the model was lower and looked rather more like the Ford/Gaz AA that it had done.

The Ertl Coupes were subject some rather more extensive modifications. Two had the original roofs cut off and replaced by collapsed canopies made from Green Stuff whilst the other had the boot removed and a small pick-up body added in its place.


18 Comments on “Out of the Shed: You can never have too many trucks!”

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    What scale are these Bob?

    I may have a few similar vehicles to hand.

  2. Jim Duncan,

    I'm not quite sure what scale all the vehicles are, but the Majorette and Lledo ones were made to fit the box and vary from 1:50th to 1:46th-scale. They look all right 'as is' with 28mm-scale figures but are a bit on the big side when seen next to 20mm-scale figures. That is one reason why I replaced the wheels and 'slimmed down' the Ford A trucks when I used them as Gaz AA truckes.

    All the best,


    P.S. The Inch High Club features some interesting modified versions of the Lledo vehicles.

  3. But just my size. The conversions look good. Nice to have a vehicle reserve park on hand.

  4. Ross Mac,

    If you ever need a few, just let me know. I am sure that I can spare some.

    All the best,


  5. Jim Duncan says:

    Bob, the ones I have are a bit smaller, probably suitable for 10mm-15mm and were marketed by Readers Digest. Made in China.

  6. Jim Duncan says:

    The Inch High Club includes a very good friend of mine, Alan Hamilton whom I've known for more than 40 years.

    I spoke to him this Saturday at Claymore and took his picture but it was blurred so I did not use it on my blog.

  7. Jim Duncan,

    I have seen smaller die-cast vehicles that are manufactured to go with OO-scale model railways, but they are quite expensive.

    All the best,


  8. Jim Duncan,

    I have known of Alan Hamilton for quite some time, and it does not surprise me to read that you have known him for a lot longer!

    All the best,


  9. I thought those purple dudes (Ford AA/Gaz AA or whatever)) were from the Cadbury promotioon, and my memory suggests they would be OK with 20+mm plastics. Perhaps my recollection is at fault there. At any rate, looking at that trove, I was beginning to wonder if you had an ancestral relative by name of Captain Flint, who also seemed to have a penchant for buried treasure. Amazing.

  10. Pete. says:

    An impressive haul- though Dick Tracy tie- ins date it somewhat. Some of the cars have the look of Italian staff cars to me too.



  11. Arquinsiel says:

    It's good to see that the Soviets were getting their Cream Eggs at the front. Winter would be unbearable without them I think.

  12. Tim Gow says:

    That is a pleasing quantity of lorries! The 'GAZ' and Mack lorries infest my own boxfiles in some quantity but I've not seen the big Merc lorries before – very nice too!
    Whoever thought of the post title? He sounds like a clever chap….

  13. Archduke Piccolo,

    The Ford/Gaz A trucks are a little on the large size when seen alongside 20mm-scale figures … but are not excessively large, especially if they are given new smaller wheels and have the mudguards and running boards narrowed.

    As to my family being descended from pirates … well I could not possibly comment!

    All the best,


  14. Pete.

    It is quite a largish reserve of vehicles … and I hope to use them over the next few years.

    The 'Dick Tracy' vehicles were probably the best thing about the film … and the police cars will make ideal staff cars.

    All the best,


  15. Arquinsiel,

    No Red Army soldier would be able to cope without his Cadburysov Cream Egg! supplies must get through!

    All the best,


  16. Tim Gow,

    I probably have ALMOST as many Gaz and Mac trucks as you have … but not quite as many!

    The Mercedes trucks were bought for 99p when a local toy shop closed down. I only wish that they had had more of them.

    For the life of me I cannot remember what Sheffield-dwelling Scot came up with that statement. Do you know who it was?

    All the best,


  17. Tim Gow says:

    I'm sure I don't know who you mean…

  18. Tim Gow,

    At my advanced age, my memory is beginning to go … so I don't know what I mean either!

    All the best,


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