Les Higgins Miniatures: Seeing them in the flesh

John Cunningham (AKA Old John) has very kindly sent me some links to The Old Metal Detector blog where it is possible to see some painted Les Higgins and Douglas Miniatures in the flesh.

The links are:

The detail on the Les Higgins Miniatures is quite phenomenal when you consider that they are 20mm-scale. They are also more anatomically ‘correct’ that some more modern figure ranges.


10 Comments on “Les Higgins Miniatures: Seeing them in the flesh”

  1. Conrad Kinch says:

    May I urge caution Bob – every conversation I have with John seems to end with me possessing a lighter wallet and a heavier lead pile.

  2. Conrad Kinch,

    That sounds more like an endorsement than a warning!

    All the best,


  3. old john says:

    Now you know why i'm also known as “The Evil Influence”
    I once sold Conrad £45 worth of figures whilst sitting at his dining table in front of his wife and mother-in-law!!!!!

    Anyone beat that??
    cheers Old John

  4. old john says:

    meant to ask, are there any code numbers on underside of bases as the firing figure intrigues me, was it a conversion if so can i use it as master to cast up

    cheers Old John

  5. I have a great fondness for the old Les Higgins ECW 20s – they were the first metal wargame figures I ever saw 'in the flesh', as it were, way back in 1970.

    I though they were splendid – being more used to the limited range Airfix had in those days …

    When I could afford to buy my own metal figures, my interest was in ancients, and the default option was Minifigs.

    In truth, I don't think Minifigs 25mm ancients ever achieved the sculptural elegance of Les Higgins figures.

    Buried treasure indeed, Bob …


  6. Old John,

    Not so much an evil influence but more a superb and subtle salesman, I would have thought!

    All the best,


  7. Old John,

    I have looked on the base of the standing, firing figure and the inscription reads 'Les Higgins Miniatures, C, England'. On top of the base there appears to be 'LHM' inscribed just in front of the feet.

    I would be more than willing to send you the figure if you would like it. Just contact me via email (not an online comment) with your address and I will post it to you.

    All the best,


  8. SoA Shows North (Phil),

    Les Higgins Miniatures were a wonderfully sculptured range of figures, and I only wish that I had bought more of them when I had the chance. If only modern designers could produce figures that were as well detailed and yet easy to paint!

    My memory of the Minifigs Ancients is dominated by the telegraph pole spears they all seemed to carry.

    All the best,


  9. old john says:

    many thanks for offer of figure, have emailed my address

    cheers Old John

  10. Old John,

    I have put the figure in a padded envelope and it will be posted to you tomorrow.

    All the best,


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