My Hungarian World War II army … and other ‘finds’

Inside a file box that I found in one of the crates that was in the shed was a small Hungarian World War II army.

I created this army at a time when I was considering using Frank Chadwick’s COMMAND DECISION rules, and they represent a Hungarian Infantry Regiment with some supporting artillery. In the end I never used the rules, and the figures went into storage … although I have vague memories of having lent them to another wargamer for a time.

The figures were originally Spanish Civil War infantry that were sculpted by the late Dave Allsop. I modified some of them so that I could field heavy machine guns, machine gun crews, and gunners . I also scratch-built a field gun and a light anti-tank gun, which I used as masters from which I was able to create a silicon rubber mould.

The bases are looking a little ‘sad’, but I think that it will be possible to rebase the figures so that I can use them for my Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War project.

I have also made some other ‘finds’ during the great sort out. These include a number of 1960s/1970s-era pre-assembled and painted model British military vehicles manufactured and sold by Denzil Skinner …

… and a complete hard plastic 1920s/1930s-era wargames army created with figures from Fijumi, trucks from an unknown model railways supplier, artillery tractors scratch-built from Airfix US half-tracks, light tanks scratch-built from various bit and pieces, and artillery scratch-built from Airfix Napoleonic field guns and a Napoleonic board game.


28 Comments on “My Hungarian World War II army … and other ‘finds’”

  1. There's some wonderful stuff in this lot! Add a few Toldi, Turan and Honsshu (PzIV) tanks with some Czaba armoured cars and StuG IIIs and there you are.

    Personally, I rather like Command Decision, but prefer Version II over the later incarnations.

  2. Arquinsiel says:

    Wow. The Hungarians alone are a nice find.

  3. Archduke Piccolo,

    Funnily enough I have just found a couple of unpainted resin 'Toldi' tanks that I could add to this wargames army. I already have several ROCO Stug IIIs and Pzkpfw IVs 'in stock' … so I could easily turn this into a really powerful little army.

    I never really 'got' COMMAND DECISION. It seemed like it tried to be both a tactical and an operational-level wargame, and did neither as well it could have done had it just been one or the other.

    All the best,


  4. Arquinsiel,

    They're not bad, are they? I am please to have rediscovered them.

    All the best,


  5. Dear Bob,
    If you were an archeologist your name would be “Howard Carter.” Your gaming discoveries are truly awesome!
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon
    “Grumpy is good.”

  6. CelticCurmudgeon (Jerry),

    I must admit that I keep amazing myself with what I find.

    Incidentally, Howard Carter (strictly speaking Lieutenant-Colonel Howard Carter of the Polish Independent Squadron, Special Air Service) was the false name used by Oberst Kurt Steiner (played by Michael Caine) in THE EAGLE HAS LANDED.

    To misquote Mr Caine himself, 'Not a lot of people know that!'

    All the best,


  7. The Hungarians are enough to form a Corps of the 2nd Army in Megablitz terms (even more if you used the support elements).


  8. Neil Patterson,

    There are more than enough figures to create three Megablitz Hungarian Light Divisions, and with a bit more artillery (both field and ant-tank), four Light Divisions would be easy to form. Add some tanks, two motorised Infanty Regiments, and some motorised artillery, and the a Fast Adivision would be available.

    All the best,


  9. Nigel Drury says:

    I think I have a resin Turan somewhere. Any idea of the scale or maker of the trucks in the 1920s force?

  10. Nigel Drury,

    If you don't want the 'Turan', I may well be able to find it a good home.

    The trucks are US Mack trucks from the early 1920s. They are HO-scale, but I am not sure as to the manufacturer. They may be Heljan.

    All the best,


  11. Steven Page says:

    If the Macks are plastic kits, they are probably “Jordan Highway Model”. My dad and I built about a dozen for our railroad. Congratulations on your “dig”!

  12. Tim Gow says:

    Quite a treasure trove. Nice to see the Hungarians again.

  13. Stryker says:

    Bob – I continue to be amazed by the contents of your magical shed! Just how big was this thing? Looking forward to the next instalment!!!

  14. Robin Sutton says:

    I love the 'joy' of the discovery of those hobby things seemingly 'long lost'.. great read. Thanks
    Kind regards

  15. Pete. says:

    Great find.

    The Honved has always been my favourite of the 'other' Eastern Front protagonists.

    What was the interwar army to be used for?



  16. I Kinda like the hybrid, though. The other rule set I have played is Panzer Marsch!, and though it has its points, it just isn't quite the same somehow. I've occasionally tried spearhead, which also has a following in this town, but I don't know anyone who played WW2 Spearhead in 1:76 scale (c.WW1 yes, though).

  17. Steven Page,

    The kits were plastic, but I have no idea who made them. It could easily be the manufacturer that you suggest.

    I suspect that there will be more 'discoveries' in due course … so keep reading the blog!

    All the best,


  18. Tim Gow,

    With luck the Hungarians might make an appearance in a Megablitz battle at some time in the future.

    All the best,


  19. Stryker,

    It is amazing just how much I was able to fit into a 3' x 4' shed. Far more than I ever thought possible.

    All the best,


  20. Robin Sutton (Robin),

    There is a large toolbox full of painted and unpainted figures that I have yet to begin sorting out … and I suspect that there will be even more enjoyable rediscoveries to come.

    All the best,


  21. Pete,

    The Hungarian and Romanian Armies used an interesting mixture of imported and home-built kit, and that is why I enjoyed creating my small Hungarian wargame army.

    The interwar army was intended to be used for a South American imagi-nation campaign that was never fought. Whether or not it ever will be is a question that I will have to think about.

    All the best,


  22. Archduke Piccolo,

    The COMMAND DECISION rules had a lot to commend them, and were a lot better than many of their competitors.

    I hope to rebase this army so that I can use it for Megablitz and my own Memoir of Modern Battle (MOMBAT) rules.

    All the best,


  23. Ian Dury says:

    If you find any Peter Laings hiding in there, let me know!
    Although I have a fair amount of stuff tucked away in the loft, sadly I know what is up there, so no nice surprises of forgotten armies….

  24. Sean says:

    Fantastic! It really is Christmas in July! I was looking at some of my partially painted figures from just two years ago and thinking I may need to strip and repaint them.

  25. Ian Dury,

    If I find some Peter Laing figures, you can rest assured that I will write a blog entry about it!

    All the best,


  26. Sean,

    It has been like having lots of Christmases at once!

    If I was you, I'd try to get those figures finished … but having found several unfinished projects of my own, who am I to give such advice!

    All the best,


  27. EinealteKriegsspiel,

    Thank you for the link to your very interesting blog. You seem to have produced some very interesting scratch-built models.

    Good luck with your project.

    All the best,


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