The Shed: The box of mainly painted figures

One of the first boxes that I found when I began sorting out the shed contained a number of painted figures. I recognised some of them as being old Minifigs and some as being Hinton Hunt figures that I bought back in 1968!

I have now had the opportunity to begin sorting out the contents of the box, and what I found surprised me.

In one corner of the box were a number of Crimean Wars Minifigs that are – I understand – old ‘S’ Range figures. I have no recollection of buying them, but I suspect that I may have made the purchase in Eric Knowles’ shop in the early 1980s.

Also in the box were some old Minifigs ‘S’ Range Prussian Napoleonic figures that I bought and painted in my late teens (i.e. the late 1960s). They look rather dark in colour … but they seem to have survived their incarceration fairly well, and here has been little damage to their paintwork.

There were also a number of badly painted Hinton Hunt British Crimean War Guard and Line Infantry figures (and a very odd looking Lancer!) …

… and they are accompanied by some equally badly painted French Crimean War Infantry from another of the early figure manufacturers … Douglas Miniatures.

The final figures that I have sorted out are an odd collection of badly painted metal Napoleonic figures that may well be early Minifigs … with the odd Hinton Hunt figure thrown in for good measure. I have yet to sort out the remaining figures in the box … but I will write a further blog entry when I do.


4 Comments on “The Shed: The box of mainly painted figures”

  1. Stryker says:

    Love the Hinton Hunt British Guards! The lancer appears to be a HH conversion – did you do it yourself?


  2. Stryker (Ian),

    The Hinton Hunt figures were – when the moulds were still in good condition – very good.

    As far as I can remember, the Lancer was from Hinton Hunt's Crimean War range. I certainly don't remember converting it … other than painting it very badly!

    All the best,


  3. old john says:

    that lancer is a HH Nap Prussian Uhlan, afraid HH only ever did a two piece Brit lancer
    cheers Old John

  4. Old John,

    Thanks for clearing that up. I remember buying the lancer when I bought the Crimean War figures, and assumed that it was a British Lancer.

    All the best,


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