Barbarossa/25: An example of a bathtub campaign

In reply to my recent blog entry regarding my stalled Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War campaign project, several people have suggested that I look at Frank Chadwick’s BABAROSSA/25 for inspiration and ideas.

I bought a copy of Frank Chadwick’s book when it was first published in 1988 … which gives you some idea how long the idea for this project has been whirring around in my head! I thought that the concept was good, but at the time I thought that trying to copy it was beyond my capabilities. I also had a few problems with the COMMAND DECISION rules that the book was written to go with, which I thought tried to be a set of both tactical and operation-level wargame rules at the same time, and achieved neither end particularly well.

Every so often since 1988 (in other words, at least twice a year) I have taken my copy BABAROSSA/25 off the bookshelves are re-read it … and been inspired to think yet again about my own Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War campaign project. This time I did so with an idea in my head that I thought might be a way forward for me. This idea was to use the maps provided in the book with my OPERATIONAL ART rules. I therefore copied one of the map sheets …

Please click on the image to make it larger.

… and overlaid it with the size of tabletop that I could create easily with my Hexon II terrain on my current 3′ x 4′ wargames table. The result looked like this:

Not perfect by any means … but it does show that the idea – or something like it – might work.


8 Comments on “Barbarossa/25: An example of a bathtub campaign”

  1. Sun of York says:

    This is a long term project of mine to, ever since I got the book in the 1980s. From memory there is a smaller campaign for the Westwall in the rule book. Too many projects!

    Good luck with yours.

  2. Sun of York,

    I wonder how many of us have entertained similar grandiose ideas for campaigns. Quite a few, I suspect.

    I also have a copy of Frank Chadwick’s BASTOGNE campaign book as well as OVER THE TOP, which contains a bathtub version of the opening moves of the First World War. Considering the fact that the centenary is almost upon us, perhaps I should have tried that campaign first … but that would have been yet another project at a time when I already have enough to occupy my time.

    All the best,


  3. The Stolberg Corridor campaign was included in the rules, but it wasn't a bathtub one.

    I've actually played a couple of CD campigns based on the mechanisms, one set in the western desert the other the SCW. In both cases the PBEM players were the formation commanders and the actual battles were resolved by players at local gaming clubs and/or by umpire discretion.

  4. Martin Rapier,

    You are absolutely right. The Stolberg Corridor campaign was not a bathtub campaign; it was intended to be an introductionary scenario for players who were new to the rules.

    The campaign rules in BARBAROSSA/25 seem to be quite simple and would probably work well with PBEM.

    All the best,


  5. Chris Kemp says:

    Dear Bob,

    Allow about 30 years or so :O)

    Regards, Chris

  6. Sean says:

    Excellent! I will be following with interest.

  7. Chris Kemp,

    I hope that it won't take quite that long!

    All the best,


  8. Sean,

    I hope that I manage to maintain your interest as the project develops.

    All the best,


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