A late addition …

Whilst my wife – Sue – and I were out shopping today she bought me another flag to add to my collection … the Brazilian flag.

I have yet to visit Brazil, but it is a worthy addition to my collection and a reminder that a branch of my paternal family lives there.


4 Comments on “A late addition …”

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    If you do visit Brazil Bob, you'd best not mention football.

    Crazy game!

  2. Jim Duncan,

    An incredible result … and as devastating to Brazilian football as the famous defeats suffered by England at the hands of Hungary all those years ago (6:3 in 1953 and 7:1 in 1954) were to the game in England.

    All the best,


  3. Jim Duncan says:

    In 1953 and 1954 I was too young to appreciate football properly.

    By 1967 I was hooked! Another bad day for the England team.

    Anyway, nice flag, it will be interesting to see if you can play an appropriate game with it flying.

    I only have one flag in my collection and I practice my 'rebel yell' under it!

  4. Jim Duncan,

    My father was a very keen football fan, and the Hungarian victories over England made a great impact on him … and thus on me.

    The War of the Triple Alliance springs to mind as a possible opportunity to use my Brazilian flag.

    All the best,


    P.S. I also have a Confederate flag in my collection, but have yet to use it!

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