Painting Jacklex figures: Day 3

Once the undercoat was fully dry, I gave the figures a thin coat of Citadel Zandri Dust matt acrylic paint.

I then put each figure onto a display magnet. (These are sold in packs in large office supply stores and stationers.) I use display magnets because they are easy to get hold of when I am painting … and the figures don’t move around on them thanks to the steel pennies I have based each figure on.

I then began the process of painting on the details. The order I did this in was as follows:

  • Brown belts, water bottle, and bayonet scabbard
  • White haversack
  • Dark brown rifle and sling
  • Brown face and hands (in retrospect I realise that I should have used lighter shade of brown for the skin areas)

I then let the paint dry overnight.

6 Comments on “Painting Jacklex figures: Day 3”

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    Hi Bob

    Your Citadel Zandri Dust basecoat looks a little patchy. I detect a few white spots and some undercoat showing through.

    Are any of your later stages going to address that?


  2. Moving forward Bob,I look forward to seeing them in action….

  3. Jim Duncan,

    I will touch up any missed patches before the next stage of the painting process.

    All the best,


  4. Tradgardmastare,

    As long as they turn out all right, I hope to use them in the near future.

    All the best,


  5. Sean says:

    Late to the party, what else is new. I just wanted to say that the magnet holder is a great idea. I usually use plastic bottle caps and blue tack. I also drop a lot of figures.

  6. Sean,

    I came across the idea by accident. I was given some magnets whilst working on a display … and realised that they were nice and chunky to hold as well as strong enough to securely 'grip' figures fixed to steel bases.

    I haven't dropped a figure that I was painting since I started to use them.

    All the best,


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