Preserved ironclads and old steam warships: My ‘bucket list’

There is every chance that I will never manage to see all of the preserved warships on my ‘bucket list’ … but there is no reason why I cannot share some photographs of them with my regular blog readers.

Georgios Averof (Palaio Faliro, Greece)

Mikasa (Yokosuka, Japan)

Huascar (Talcahuano, Chile)

Ting Yuen/Dingyuan (Weihai, China)

HMS Caroline (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

HMS M33 (Portsmouth, Hampshire)

USS Olympia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Please note that all the photographs shown above were downloaded from the Wikimedia Commons website. The copyright (where applicable) remains with the originators of the images.

10 Comments on “Preserved ironclads and old steam warships: My ‘bucket list’”

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    I have been to the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth where HMS Victory is situated.

    HMS M33 is immediately adjacent. You can see the fore topmast of the Victory in your photograph.

    HMS M33 was not open to visitors when I was there. I don't think she has ever been open!

  2. Sean says:

    Hi Bob, just caught u with the blog, sorry to be away so long. I've never thought much about ironclads, but those are some interesting ones. I am sorry to have been absent during your low point, please know you have my support. I also think that the updated conservatory looks absolutely fabulous. It should be a very pleasant place to be. That's a little all over the place for one comment. Sorry.

  3. Arthur says:


    Surely you mean a “rusty old bucket” list?


  4. arthur1815 says:

    My namesake beat me to the obvious jokey comment!
    I confess I find the spectacle of two or more grey painted ironclads lobbing shells at each other very uninspiring.
    To paraphrase Dr Samuel Johnson: 'Being aboard an ironclad is like being inside a tank, with the danger of drowning being added to that of being blown to smithereens!'

  5. Jim Duncan,

    I have always loved monitors, and just seeing M33 would be enough for me.

    All the best,


  6. Sean,

    Thanks for your very kind comments. They are much appreciated.

    All the best,


  7. Arthur,

    How very true! :^)

    All the best,


  8. Arthur1815,

    Have you no soul? Ironclads are so brutally ugly at times that they can become objects if beauty.

    Mind you, you and the good Doctor do have a point about being in one during a battle!

    All the best,


  9. *** says:

    Bob;you will find a good few of your wishlist here. I have all of them.

  10. ***,

    I have never tried making model ships from card … but perhaps I ought to.

    Thanks very much for the link.

    All the best,


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