Preserved ironclads and old steam warships

For some reason I have always been fascinated by ironclads and other early steam warships, and whenever the opportunity arises during my travels, I will visit any preserved warships that are nearby.

So far I have managed to see:

  • HMS Warrior (Portsmouth, Hampshire)
  • HMS Gannet (Chatham, Kent)
  • HNLMS Buffel (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • HSwMS Sölve (Göteborg, Sweden)
  • Aurora (St Peterburg, Russia)

There are other preserved warships that I would love to visit if the opportunity ever arises:

  • Georgios Averof (Palaio Faliro, Greece)
  • Mikasa (Yokosuka, Japan)
  • Huascar (Talcahuano, Chile)
  • Ting Yuen/Dingyuan (Weihai, China) [Not actually a preserved ship but a reconstruction built to the original ship’s plans]
  • HMS Caroline (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  • HMS M33 (Portsmouth, Hampshire)
  • USS Olympia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

8 Comments on “Preserved ironclads and old steam warships”

  1. An impressive list!

    I've been around the USS Olympia in Philadelphia but it is sorely in need of restoration now.

  2. On the one day I got a chance to go on Aurora it was shut 😦

  3. I've had dinner on HMS Warrior, though – my parents has their 40th wedding anniversary party there, on the gundeck. We had the ship to ourselves for an evening; it was fantastic.

  4. Legatus Hedlius,

    I was unable to visit USS Olympia when I was in the USA, and news of her plight is very sad to read. One hopes that someone will do something before it is too late.

    All the best,


  5. Kaptain Kobold,

    I was unable to go aboard Aurora on the day I went there as it was Navy Day and the queues were horrendous. I had to make do with a walk past her, taking photographs.

    All the best,


  6. Kaptain Kobold,

    I know several people who have eaten dinner aboard HMS Warrior, and all have said what a wonderful experience it was. I hope to follow suit one day.

    All the best,


  7. johntheone says:

    Many years ago in my youth. (Yes I was young once) When serving in the Royal Navy we visited Toulon and I got the chance to go onboard the Jean Bart a WW2 French battleship very interesting

  8. Johntheone,

    I envy you! The Jean Bart was such a distinctive design, although I preferred her immediate predecessors Strasbourg and Dunkerque.

    All the best,


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