Spring forward

Overnight the UK moved over to British Summer Time … and guess who forgot to adjust all the clocks before going to bed!

The cat woke me up at what I thought was 8.00am … but when I got up I realised that it was really 9.00am and that somehow I was already running late. The old adage ‘Spring forward, Fall back‘ is a great way to remind yourself when and how to adjust your clocks and watches … but how do you adjust your internal, biological clock? ‘Spring forward‘ is hardly an apt description of the way I feel this morning!

Perhaps things will get better as the day progresses.

I hope so. I really do hope so.


4 Comments on “Spring forward”

  1. johntheone says:

    I was on nightshift so I got home an hour earlier

  2. Johntheone,

    It is nice to read that someone gained from the change.

    Does this mean that you have to work an hour longer when the clocks go back later in the year?

    All the best,


  3. johntheone says:

    Yes it does if Im working that night as It was I worked a 13 hour nightshift last October when the clocks went back. Its unusual to get that hour back

  4. Johntheone,

    An extra hour on a twelve-hour shift must have been a real trial. I can remember doing a stint of twelve hours on, twelve hours off shifts years ago … and my memory of it was how tired I was towards the end of a shift.

    All the best,


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