More paint, paint, paint

I started putting a second (and later, a third) coat of paint on the walls of the conservatory at 8.30am, and other than a break for lunch, a couple of stops for a drink, and a trip to the local decorating supplier for some more paint, I was ‘at it’ until 6.45pm. I then took a break for a brief rest and dinner, and by 8.30pm I was back in the conservatory painting the skirting board. This took until 9.30pm, when I finally finished for the day.

During the day several interesting parcels arrived in the post, but by the time I had finished painting I was too tired to open them. I have that pleasure to look forward to tomorrow.


4 Comments on “More paint, paint, paint”

  1. Tim Gow says:

    If only you put this effort into painting toys!

  2. Tim Gow,

    After the past few days, I don't want to look at another paintbrush again for some time to come.

    All the best,


  3. David Crook says:

    Hi Bob,

    It sounds like a herculean effort and I know only two well the curse of three coats of paint when you expected only one!

    Looking forward to seeing the new additions to the collection – a just reward for all your labours.

    All the best,


  4. David Crook,

    By the time I was putting on the third coat of paint, I was able to work much faster than I did when I did the first coat.

    I am awaiting the arrival of the floorer (who is 15 minutes later!) and once he has started work I can open my two parcels in peace.

    All the best,


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