New Conservatory Roof: The next step

Now that the new roof has been installed, the conservatory has to be decorated. But before we can begin decorating, the new plaster has to dry out, any holes drilled into the existing plasterwork have to be filled in, the existing carpet has to be removed, and the paint bought.

This morning I began filling in the holes, but some of them were so deep that they will need several applications of pre-mixed plaster to make sure that the walls are smooth before I can paint them. This afternoon my wife and I drove to Chatham Maritime Retail Centre to look for a new electric radiator for the conservatory … and came back with the paint we will need to decorate the conservatory!

With luck the plaster should be dry enough to paint on Sunday. Removing the carpet should not take too long, but the gripper strips that hold it in place might prove to be somewhat more difficult to take up as they have very sharp (and dangerous) spikes along their top edge.

I don’t know if I will have enough time to do any modelling whilst the paint and plaster are drying … but with a bit of luck I should be able to do some.


4 Comments on “New Conservatory Roof: The next step”

  1. If you're re-carpeting.. ignore the gripper rods.. they'll re-use them :o)

  2. Steve-the-Wargamer,

    My wife and I gave serious thought to having a new carpet fitted, but in the end we decided to have a hard-wearing floor covering put down. After looking at various options we chose a product called TLC. This is a vinyl flooring which will hopefully be laid on Friday of next week. (The concrete floor of the conservatory will be skimmed with latex on Thursday.)

    As this does not need carpet gripper, I have to remove it, and I would prefer to do that before I decorate as I suspect that removing the carpet underlay (which I will do at the same time) is going to produce quite a lot of dirt and dust.

    All the best,


  3. arthur1815 says:

    I hope you've chosen a floor covering with a square grid in a suitable colour!

  4. Arthur1815 (Arthur),

    I am afraid not. The floor covering will look like the deck planking on a ship … so that when we sit there we can imagine that we are on a cruise somewhere!

    All the best,


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