New Conservatory Roof: Day 2

Work started at 8.45am this morning, and by midday – when my wife and I went to Bluewater shopping centre – the workmen had made considerable progress with boxing-in the soil pipe, outflow pipes from the bath and shower rooms, and the overflow pipe from the first floor bathroom.

Whilst we were out they managed to install some of the new glass roof panels, but further work was disrupted by a sudden and violent thunderstorm. The wind was so strong that it moved some of the uPVC panels that were being stored on the lawn, and when we returned home at 3.30pm the workmen were trying – without a great deal of success – to rig a tarpaulin over the girder framework for the new conservatory roof. They even used rolls of lead flashing to weigh down the ropes they were trying to use to hold the tarpaulin in place, but these were not heavy enough to do the job. In the end they managed to fix the tarpaulin in place using a combination of weights, large clips, and ropes … but if there is another storm it is very likely that the tarpaulin will be blown away.

By the time the workmen left at 4.15pm, the conservatory looked like this:

Assuming that the weather does not get any worse, we expect that the rest of the glass roof panels will be installed tomorrow.


6 Comments on “New Conservatory Roof: Day 2”

  1. This is proving something of an adventure. We know what an adventure is, eh? A story of someone else having a tough time of it. I think you will be very pleased to sit back and relax once the thing is sorted and everything's all snug again.

  2. Archduke Piccolo,

    You are not wrong! I can hardly wait to get the conservatory back in operation, especially as I will then be able to move out of my toy/wargames room all the stuff from the conservatory that is currently being stored there.

    All the best,


  3. That's been my problem all this year, too much storage in my painting area, with no place else to put it.

    As a result, my painting and terrain projects saw very little/no progress.

    Good luck with the construction.

  4. I can relate to that, Justin!

  5. Justin Penwith,

    Knowing that a large chunk of my toy/wargames room was going to be ' taken over' in order to store some of the stuff from the conservatory, I had a serious spring clean and sort out in there beforehand. As a result, although I don't have enough room to fight a battle, I do have enough space to do some modelling … and that is exactly what I am doing.

    Once the new roof is installed on the conservatory, I will decorate it and then a new floor is going to be laid. Then I can begin building and fitting the new storage cupboards that will go in the utility end of the conservatory. The final stage will be to move all the other furniture – and it's contents – into the other end of the conservatory.

    I hope to have that all done by the middle of April … and then I will have my toy/wargames room back in action.

    All the best,


  6. Archduke Piccolo,

    I think that we all can all relate to that.

    All the best,


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