Conrad Kinch has recently described how he stores his wargames figures and terrain, and it made me think about my own storage ‘solutions’.

In fact my storage comes in four main types:

  • IKEA wooden draw units (mostly used for storing painted Megablitz units, model buildings, model ships, and model aircraft)

  • WESTON see-through plastic boxes (mostly used for storing smaller Hexon II terrain items and trees)

  • Plastic compartment boxes (used for storing modelling paint, paint brushes, and tools)

I used to use A4 box files for storing my painted figures, but since I ‘discovered’ the ‘hobby trays‘ manufactured by REALLY USEFUL BOXES I have gradually replaced the box files with a combination of ‘hobby trays‘ and 4 Litre REALLY USEFUL BOXES.


12 Comments on “Storage”

  1. Chris Kemp says:

    You are still Impossibly tidy, I see, Bob :O)

  2. I have never seen such an impressive array of storage, far too organised

  3. Chris Kemp,

    Yes … and proud of my OCD!

    It has taken me over sixty years to accept my 'disorder' … which always seems to me to be the wrong word to use for something that impels one to have order!

    All the best,


  4. Andrew Saunders,

    When you have a lot of stuff, you need a lot of storage … and it isn't worth having a lot of storage if it isn't organised so you can find things.

    That's my excuse, anyway.

    All the best,


  5. Fitz-Badger says:

    So Organized!

    My storage is not so tidy or organized (that goes for figures and terrain, games, books, etc.) I have a reasonable idea of where things are usually, but it can still take some time to locate specific items.
    But I have known people whose “space” looked very tidy and could never find anything, as well as people whose space look extremely cluttered and “higgledy-piggledy” who could find anything without any apparent exertion. I guess it comes down to how one is “wired”.

  6. Fitz-Badger,

    It is well organised … for the moment!

    In truth I am by nature a rather scruffy individual, but when it comes to my personal possessions I like to know where things are; hence the storage solutions I have chosen.

    I have worked with people who were far more organised than me, and some who appeared to have no system or organisation whatsoever … and yet they all seemed to be able to function as well as me.

    I think that you are right and it is more to do with how our brains are wired up.

    All the best,


  7. Don M says:

    Very nice, as for myself lets just say it's a work in progress ….some days …;-)

  8. Don M,

    Thanks for your kind comment.

    I must admit that it took a long time to get everything sorted out, but once it was done I began to reap the benefits.

    All the best,


  9. Very impressive. I use A4 file boxes as I find there is less wasted space in them than some systems and I am desperately short of space!

  10. Legatus Hedlius,

    I used to use A4 file boxes, but I have found that the REALLY USEFUL BOXES are easier to stack and move. The 4 litre boxes are almost the same size as an A4 file box and don't take up much more room.

    All the best,


  11. It's all a heap better than my ad hoc, opaque and impenetrable storage non-system that requires me to hunt through 4 separate rooms several times each for one small but vital item…

  12. Archduke Piccolo,

    My 'storage' used to be like that years ago … but then I discovered the 'benefits' of OCD!

    All the best,


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