Time for a spring clean

Having decided to put my OP14/ITCHY AND SCRATCHY rules project on the back burner I have decided to carry out a bit of a spring clean of both my computer and my toy/wargames room.

A sort through my computer files showed that I had multiple copies of quite a few files, and that by rationalising them I have freed up over 5Gb of space. I also found several files that were saved in formats that were either no longer supported or that will become unsupported over the next year or so … and I have managed to save most of them in newer formats.

The spring clean of my toy/wargames room is going to take me longer to complete … but I have made a start. So far I have found a boxful of modelling paint where the contents of almost every pot or jar  was dry, a tray of old paint brushes – most of which seemed to have very fragile bristles – and containers of used superglue that are impossible to open.

I hope to carry on with this spring clean tomorrow … and I suspect that I am going to be filling several bagfuls of rubbish before I am finished.


2 Comments on “Time for a spring clean”

  1. “by rationalising them I have freed up over 5Mb of space”

    Did you mean 5GB? I can free 5MB just by deleting one photo 😉

  2. Kaptain Kobold,

    You are spot on! I originally typed 5Mb … but I have changed it now.

    All the best,


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