Itchy and Scratchy meets OP14: the first draft … and the siren call of Morschauser!

Thanks to a bad bout of insomnia last night, I rose early this morning and finished writing the first rough draft of my latest wargame rules. As regular blog readers will know, these combine elements of my own ITCHY AND SCRATCHY rules with some from Richard Brooks’ OP14 rules.

When I call then a first rough draft I mean that they are very rough indeed. In fact I know that there a still a few things that need to be ironed out before I can even begin thinking about play-testing them. As I am going to be rather busy for the rest of today (I have an important Lodge meeting this afternoon and evening) and for most of tomorrow (we had a guest staying overnight), I will have to leave the ‘ironing’ until later in the week.

During my bout of sleeplessness I began thinking about the various Morschauser-based rules I have written over the years … and how much fun and enjoyment they have given me. This morning I glanced through the computer file containing those rules, and began to hear (in my imagination) the siren call of Morschauser … and I must admit that ‘going back to Morschauser basics’ has a tremendous appeal.

I am trying to resist … but I doubt if I will be able to do so for very long!


4 Comments on “Itchy and Scratchy meets OP14: the first draft … and the siren call of Morschauser!”

  1. arthur1815 says:

    I suppose the Morschauser cure for insomnia is to count squares?

    I've been rereading OP14 and OPNAP and will be most interested to see how you combine the former with I&S – it may well prove to be easier reading and quicker to learn to play.

    If I can't sleep, reading Field of Glory Napoleonic [FOGN] is sure to knock me out!

    Good luck with the 'ironing'.

  2. Arthur1815,

    Counting squares is easier than counting hexes … but neither sends me to sleep.

    Once I am happy with the first draft go the rules, I will send you a copy.

    FOGN is a 'cure' for insomnia? I must buy a copy!

    All the best,


  3. arthur1815 says:

    You can have my copy of FOGN and welcome to it!

  4. Arthur1815,

    Thank you for your kind offer … but I am going to have to refuse it.

    All the best,


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