Although it is still just January, planning for COW2014 (the annual Conference of Wargamers that is organised by Wargame Developments) is well underway, and bookings are coming in steadily. To date twenty nine people have booked places at the conference, and the following offers to run sessions have already been gratefully accepted.

A Mighty Wind – The Plenary Game (Tim Gow et al)
1944. The Home Islands are threatened by a huge enemy battle fleet and invasion force. It is our sacred duty to die for the Emperor …

Doodlebuggers (WD Display Team North)
Another fast-paced solo game. Take to the skies over Kent to prevent those new unsporting V-1 flying bombs reaching London. This only takes 10 minutes to play so it will run several times. Who will be the top scorer in No. 607 ‘Knuston’ Wing?

Gladiolus (the old SOA Gladiator game) (Will Whyler)
I will run three or four boards probably in different scales.

Cabinet Office Briefing Room A (Jim Wallman)
A committee game for up to 12. Crisis management of an unprecedented and dangerous crisis. And explaining it on the Today Programme.

Saving Private Mouat (Jim Wallman)
A 100% Totally Not Footfall mission to rescue one of HMGs most vital assets.

Warriors for the Working Day (Jim Wallman)
Just another wargame involving toy tanks in WW2 … but very suitable for those who can’t tell their HVSS from their APDS.

Little Wars: The War of Firefly’s Nose (Jim Wallman)
If there’s any enthusiasm for lounging around on the grass and projecting matchsticks at each other randomly.

Hemlock and Democracy (John Bassett)
404BC: Sparta has defeated Athens. The birthplace of democracy groans beneath the Thirty Tyrants. But a small group of rebels seek to change all that … A political/military role-play featuring Spartan warlords, philosophers, priests, democrats and oligarchs.

Ovid for Wargamers (John Bassett)
John Bassett on his favourite Roman poet: man about town, wit, master of seduction, intriguer at the imperial court and exile. Will feature a re-enactment of the sad, sad story of Orpheus, with audience participation.

Boots on the Ground (John Armatys)
A simple set of wargames rules for company level actions in the early Twenty First Century using 15mm figures and die cast aeroplanes – an entertainment for up to four players.

You don’t have to be a member of Wargame Developments to go to COW … but you become one as soon as you go!

The following are a selection of photographs I took at COW2013. They give a flavour of the variety of sessions that take place.


6 Comments on “COW2014”

  1. Pete. says:

    I keep telling myself- one day….



  2. Pete,

    I hope to be there if and when you manage to attend.

    All the best,


  3. Pete. says:

    Down to funds sadly now that I'm back to being a student… still if I save up all year I can aim for '15.



  4. Pete,

    As a pensioner I have a degree of sympathy for your situation. Going to COW absorbs quite a chunk of my annual wargaming budget … but I think that it is worth it.

    All the best,


  5. COW is a wonderful unique collection of key wargamers. Each conference is a great experience.

  6. John Curry,

    As a regular COW attendee – and regular contributor to the conference sessions – you should know!

    All the best,


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