Cheap storage boxes

During my recent shopping trip to Dartford I visited a branch of ‘Poundland’, where I saw some very cheap storage boxes. They are ideal for keeping all sorts of wargaming bits and pieces in, and at a cost of only £1.00 each, they were a bargain.

I bought four … and may well go back and buy some more!


8 Comments on “Cheap storage boxes”

  1. Gonsalvo says:

    I have 4 boxes similar to this that I use for holding my dice, casualty figures, “Chickens” (we use assorted animals as markers for “disordered” and similar), “smoke”, plastic “gold coins” (Morale points), and so on. Most useful!

  2. Gonsalvo,

    I saw one of these storage boxes in use today at the wargame I was at … and I was impressed to see how much it held.

    I am giving serious consideration to buying several more.

    All the best,


  3. Dick Bryant says:

    Do you have a manufacturer's name? I googled the “tool box organizer” and found nothing like it for under $11 US.
    Dick Bryant

  4. Dick Bryant,

    The company that supplies the storage boxes is called (very helpfully) 'Toolbox' and they appear to be based in Birmingham … but this is actually a 'phantom' brand used by discount stores to 'brand' items manufactured in the Far East.

    I have tried looking for similar storage boxes online, but they are all at least three times the price.

    All the best,


  5. I usually got to the 100 yen shops in Japan, but have also gone to DYI places back in Nova Scotia for tackle boxes.

  6. Pete. says:

    I use the slightly larger and more sturdy storage trays (though more expensive) manufactured by Stanley (which I buy through Wilkinsons). I find I can ram a fair bit into them and they stack well.



  7. Irishhighlander,

    The 100 Yen shop sounds very similar to the UK's poundshop!

    These sort of boxes are often sold as small Craft/DIY/Fishing tackle boxes in the UK, but are all very similar.

    All the best,


  8. Pete,

    I suspect that the colour scheme chosen for the label on these storage boxes (yellow and black) was to make them look like ones made by Stanley.

    I also have some large boxes, but for £1.00 each these looked like a bargain … and are not much smaller than the compartmented storage boxes I currently own.

    All the best,


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