A classic ‘toy’ battleship … now has a name

The builder of the superb ‘toy’ battleship that I featured in a recent blog entry has now informed me that his ship now has a name … Lokke.

Lokke is the Danish version of Loki, the Nordic god of mischief, and seems to be a very appropriate name for this ship. I don’t know if she has or will be named using the traditional bottle of champagne, but I hope that she will have many safe voyages in the future!

PS. The builder of this magnificent model ship has written a number of entries on the Model Boat Mayhem forum about how this model was built, and I think that it is well worth reading.


8 Comments on “A classic ‘toy’ battleship … now has a name”

  1. As a native Dane, then we only spell Loke with one 'k', not two. Right now the ships name is danish for “lure into”. It might be prudent to pass this on to the shipbuilder πŸ™‚

  2. Tsold9000 says:

    I am wondering at the scale of this magnificent warship? 25mm? 28mm? truly awesome!!!

  3. Torben Kastbjerg,

    Thanks for the information, which I will pass on to the builder.

    Mind you, could 'lure into' also be translated as Entice, Persuade, or Ensnare, all of which would be ideal names for a warship?

    All the best,


  4. Tsold9000,

    I have no idea what scale (if any) the model was built in. The original tinplate 'toy' battleships were not built to any particular scale, and I suspect that this model has followed in their footsteps.

    All the best,


  5. What a gorgeous looking model. I would be reluctant to put it in the water.

  6. Der Alte Fritz,

    It is a magnificent model, and I would understand the reluctance anyone would have to actually putting it into the water … but wouldn't that be like having a beautifully painted wargames army that you never, ever use?

    All the best,


  7. Bob,

    You could keep the name in theory, but the thing is that 'Lokke' has a bit of achildish ring to it for a native dane. As far as i know then ships are usually given girls namess or the names of sea-animals. With some exceptions, like Jutlandia.

    He could call it 'Freja' (Freya) tho' – it is a thing of beauty after all πŸ™‚


  8. Torben Kastbjerg,

    I take your point. One should never rely on online translation programs to give one answers!

    I like the name 'Freya/Freja', and may well use it myself one day.

    All the best,


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