Turn counters?

During a recent visit to the local branch of the John Lewis at Bluewater I made sure that I went to the haberdashery department … and bought some knitting stitch counters. These are designed to fit on the end of a knitting needle and are used to count the number of rows that have been knitted. They come in different sizes (to fit over different thicknesses of knitting needle) and various colours (I bought green and blue stitch counters and I saw smaller red ones on sale).

I intend to use mine to count the number of Strength Points/Flotation Values each side has lost during a battle … but they could be used for all sorts of other numerical record keeping. I don’t know where I saw this idea on the Internet but it struck me as being so simple and effective that when I had the opportunity to buy some, I did.


4 Comments on “Turn counters?”

  1. Fitz-Badger says:

    Ah, interesting. I never heard of those, but I could see them being useful for tracking hit points or other numerical values in games. Army breaking points, maybe?

  2. Will McNally says:

    Looks very useful, I'll have a look out for some the next time I'm in a haberdashery.

  3. Fitz-Badger,

    I wish I could claim that it was my idea … but I saw it mentioned on the Internet and – like you – I saw its potential for tracking a numerical value.

    All the best,


  4. Will McNally,

    A large haberdashery store – or craft shop that sells knitting wool – should stock them.

    Good luck finding them.

    All the best,


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