My fourth Wargaming in History book

Having read WARGAMING IN HISTORY VOLUME 3: GETTYSBURG 1863 – BRANDY STATION, BARLOW’S KNOLL, SICKLES’S FOLLY AND PICKETT’S CHARGE by John Drewienkiewicz and Adam Poole, and having a great interest in nineteenth century military history, it naturally followed that at some point I would have to buy WARGAMING IN HISTORY VOLUME 8: THE AUSTO-PRUSSIAN WAR OF 1866: THE OPENING BATTLES by John Drewienkiewicz and Andrew Brentnall. This has only recently been published by Ken Trotman Books (ISBN 978 1 907417 43 6) and I have been awaiting its arrival by post for some time.

The book has eleven chapters, five appendices, and has numerous colour photographs and maps:

  • Foreword
  • Place names then and now
  • Contents
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Opening Engagements of the Bohemian campaign
  • Chapter 2: Prussian Army of 1866
  • Chapter 3: Austrian and Saxon Armies of 1866
  • Chapter 4: Setting up the battles
  • Chapter 5: Gitschin 29 June: The Austrians obey
  • Chapter 6: Trautenau 28 June: Gablenz show the way
  • Chapter 7: Nachod 27 June: Ramming not up to speed
  • Chapter 8: Skalitz 28 June: Steinmetz surges forward
  • Chapter 9: An alternative Skalitz: Festetics to the rescue
  • Chapter 10: Conclusions
  • Chapter 11: The Battlefield Today
  • Appendix A: Chronology of the Austro-Prussian War
  • Appendix B: Further reading
  • Appendix C: Outline orders of battle
  • Appendix D: The rules for 1866
  • Appendix E: Information for wargamers

I bought two small ready-painted 15mm-scale Austrian and Prussian armies some years ago, and now that I have this book I might actually manage to use some of them on the tabletop other than in the guise of one of my imagi-nations.


4 Comments on “My fourth Wargaming in History book”

  1. Conrad Kinch says:

    Not one that I've picked up yet – but it's only a matter of time.

    Have you seen the Neil Thomas Wargaming the 19th Century book?

  2. Conrad Kinch,

    From what I have read so far, it is another excellent addition to this series.

    It might surprise you to know that I do have Neil Thomas 19th Century Europe wargaming book … in both printed and Kindle form!

    All the best,


  3. jhnptrqn says:

    Hopefully the 15mm Austrian and Prussians you mention are your Peter Laings. I might have to buy a copy of that book, it looks interesting.

  4. Jhnptrqn,

    It is my Peter Laing armies that I am writing about … and I (and others) do recommend the book.

    All the best,


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